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Project ID:00088016Description:SUN 03/Monitoring & Evaluation
SUN Movement Fund
Start Date *: 31 Oct 2013
Global SUN Efforts
End Date*: 31 Dec 2015
Country: United Nations Project Status: Financially Closed
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Scaling Up Nutrition Baseline Report

(September 2012)

- Executive Summary -

In September 2012, the SUN Movement Strategy 2012 – 2015 was endorsed by the SUN Lead Group, creating an important milestone in the lifetime of the SUN Movement. An important element of this strategy is the resolution across the movement to pursue mutual accountability for the results of the movement as a whole and the contribution of the individual constituent parts that make up the movement.

To realise this ambition of mutual accountability, a comprehensive M&E Framework has been adopted to measure results of the movement at the impact, outcome and output levels. This M&E Framework has been used in making the first measurement of the status of the Movement at all three levels as of September 2012, and thereby establishing the baseline for the Movement.

The results of this first measurement are described in this baseline report which aims to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of the situation across the SUN Movement in September 2012. This baseline is meant to serve as a reference point against which to capture future progress and achievements across the Movement in terms of impact, outcome and output. As such, the baseline will enable the constituent parts of the SUN Movement to be accountable to each other and to mothers and children at risk of under-nutrition.

The report reflects descriptive baseline information concerning the desired impact of the SUN Movement in line with the WHA global nutrition targets and in terms of a set of agreed nutrition-specific and –sensitive impact indicators. In addition, the report reflects baseline information on the outcome level in terms of behavioural characteristics of the various constituent parts of the SUN Movement at global and country levels. Lastly, the report reflects baseline information on the output level in terms of the contribution of two key entities in the Movement’s governance structure, namely the SUN Lead Group and the SUN Movement Secretariat.

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