2011: A record year with $986 million in expenditures reported

11 May 2012
2011: A record year with $986 million in expenditures reported

The MPTF Office GATEWAY clearly shows it: 2011 was a record year in the level of expenditures reported by the 34 Participating Organizations (POs) of the MPTFs and Joint Programmes (JPs) administered by the MPTF Office. The overall 2011 expenditures of the 34 POs reached $986 million, 16 % more than 2010.

Humanitarian, transition and development MPTFs accounted for 38, 23 and 34 per cent of total expenditures respectively, while JPs made up the remaining 5 per cent. The MDG Achievement Fund occupied an honorable first place, with $209 million, followed by the Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund with $146 million. The twenty ‘Delivering as One’ Funds reported a combined expenditure of $129 million.

A detailed analysis of the expenditure data per Fund will be included in the 2011 consolidated annual progress reports currently under preparation by the MPTF Office for submission to MPTF/JP contributors and other stakeholders by 31 May 2012. As usual, these reports will be posted on the MPTF Office GATEWAY.

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