UNDG launches the ‘Delivering Results Together’ Fund

19 Dec 2013
UNDG launches the ‘Delivering Results Together’ Fund

The UN Development Group launched the ‘Delivering Results Together’ Fund (DRT Fund) last week with its first contribution of NOK 84.4 million from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. The DRT Fund aims to “contribute to the effective achievement of sustainable development results under One Programmes in line with national priorities in selected DaO countries”.

The DRT Fund is designed to support countries applying the Delivering as One approach by providing programme resources to fill funding gaps for the achievement of development.

By supporting only Delivering as One countries, the DRT Fund aims to increase UN coherence at country level and promote strengthening linkages between normative and operational development work of the UN. It will also increase the focus on partnerships both at global and country levels. The underpinning principle for the DRT Fund is a strong tripartite partnership between programme countries, donor partners and the UN organizations.

The outcome of the DRT Fund is the attainment of three inter-related outputs:

  • Increased coherence of the UN system’s development response at the national level
  • Strengthened partnerships between governments, the UN system and donor partners
  • Stronger normative and operational linkages within One Programmes in selected DaO countries

Contributions to the DRT Fund include a new allocation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway for NOK 84.4 million as well as the agreement of the Governments of the Netherlands, Spain and Norway to transfer the balances of remaining funds from the Expanded Delivering as One Funding Window for Achievement of MDGs  (EFW) to the DRT Fund. Lessons learned from the implementation of the EFW have been incorporated into the design of the DRT Fund. For more information visit the DRT Fund webpage.

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