Launch of the Jordan Resilience Fund

31 Mar 2015
Launch of the Jordan Resilience Fund

On March 28, 2015, the Jordanian Government, in collaboration with the United Nations, launched the Jordan Resilience Fund. The Fund aims to ensure coherence, aid effectiveness and coordinated assistance to the 2015 Jordan Response Plan. The fund seeks to aid in channeling catalytic financial support for the estimated $2.9 billion necessary to carry out the initial one-year Jordan Response Plan.  

With over 625,000 registered Syrian refugees and over 700,000 Syrians living in host communities, the need to increase Jordanian capacity to provide for refugees, as well as Jordanians, in affected host communities is ever present. The Jordan Response Plan reflects a new strategic and comprehensive approach in dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis. It identifies 11 areas for support, including Education, Energy, Environment, Health, Justice, Livelihoods and Security, Local Governance and Municipal Services, Shelter, Social Protection, Transport and WASH.

The Jordan Resilience Fund is set up as a financing mechanism that provides support to areas identified in the Jordan Resilience Plan with speed, flexibility, predictability and risk management, while increasing the use of country systems, and building national capacities. It is meant to support a centralized resilience approach by building Jordan’s capacity and setting the stage for immediate, medium and long-term stability. Thus, it also is designed to bridge the gaps between humanitarian, development and environment needs in an innovative manner.

UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Edward Kallon highlighted the necessity for a coordinated and coherent approach to the Syrian Refugee crisis in his remarks during the fund signing event:  “The effect of the Syria crisis in Jordan is unprecedented. The country remains a bastion of regional stability, but national response capacity and traditional humanitarian response infrastructure are at full stretch”.

For additional information on the Jordan Resilience Fund signing event please see The Jordan Response Platform for the Syria Crisis press release.


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