Beta version of the MDTF Office GATEWAY: Give us feedback!

11 Feb 2010

The MDTF Office has launched its "Gateway" which will replace the current MDTF Office web-site. The current web-site is already the ‘go-to-place’ for data and information about MDTFs administered by the MDTF Office. The Gateway is currently in BETA version, which means that we are still evaluating and improving the site. Your ideas and feed-back will help us make a better site before the official launch. Please provide your feed-back here.

The Gateway makes it easier to find relevant information and greatly increase the availability of interactive tools and access to data and information of interest to all MDTF partners.

The Gateway will offer many new useful features to assist our partners, including:

  • Search capability and easier navigation;
  • Interactive tools such as maps interactive timelines, charts and figures on ongoing MDTF operations;
  • Access to programme level information and documents;
  • Ability for Participating Organizations to track transfers made to them including details relating to the funds, date and location for funds they are participating in;
  • Ability for Donors track the deposits they have made to MDTFs;
  • Ability to create customized viewing according to your user profile and needs.

To ensure this, the data on the site will be generated straight from our “open books” in the MDTF Office’s business unit (MDTF1) using ATLAS, UNDP’s corporate Fund System.

Staff of Participating Organizations working on specific programmes will be provided access to login to the work space where they will be able to perform a variety of functions online. 

Initially the functions available will include the submission of narrative progress reports; technical reports and other documents which might be relevant to share more broadly with relevant stakeholders.  Over time the platform will be further developed to provide even more functionality based on user feedback.

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