Expanded Delivering as One Funding Window

1 Oct 2009

The Expanded Delivering as One Funding Window for Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (EFW) was launched by the Chair of the UN Development Group (UNDG) and the Governments of Spain, Norway and the United Kingdom in September 2008 as a multi-donor funding mechanism that provides resources to support nationally-led and owned programming processes to help UN Country Teams to Deliver as One (DaO). The EFW is designed to a) respond to the need for additional, un-earmarked, more predictable funding; b) provide a channel for additional resources to fill funding gaps for UN country programmes; c) allow donors to support integrated UN Programmes in countries where they may not have a bilateral presence or country-level funding mechanisms; and d) reduce the transaction costs associated with the separate and multiple financing agreements.

An EFW Steering Committee provides overall leadership, strategic direction and decision-making, including the allocation of EFW resources. Governed by its Terms of Reference, the Steering Committee is directed by the Vice Chair of the UNDG, and is comprised of director-level officials from all UN organizations that are members of the UNDG Advisory Group. The Steering Committee is supported by a Secretariat, led by the Director of UN Development Operations Coordination Office (UN DOCO), that ensures the policies and strategies decided by the Steering Committee are implemented and is the first point of contact for UN Country Teams. The EFW Steering Committee has designated the MDTF Office to be the EFW Fund Manager with responsibilities for receipt and management of contributions from donors, and transfers of such funds to DaO Fund Administrative Agents in accordance with the approved EFW Steering Committee allocations.

As of October 2009, three donors have committed a total of $252 million to the EFW - Spain ($145m), United Kingdom ($64m) and Norway ($43m) - and the Steering Committee has allocated $81m to 12 eligible Delivering as One Funds (see table). Additional information on the EFW, including processes and procedures, roles and responsibilities, eligibility, application and allocation processes is available through the MDTF Office website (www.undp.org/mdtf).

EFW Steering Committee Allocations
as of 30 September 2009

Delivering as One Funds

Allocations (US$)

Albania One UN Coherence Fund


Bhutan UN Country Fund


Cape Verde Transition Fund


Kiribati One UN Fund


Malawi One UN Fund in Malawi


Mozambique One UN Fund


Pakistan One Fund


Papua New Guinea UN Country Fund


Rwanda One UN Fund


Tanzania One UN Fund


Uruguay One UN Coherence Fund


Viet Nam One Plan Fund I & II





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