Lebanon declared eligible for PBF funding

12 Aug 2010
Lebanon declared eligible for PBF funding

New York - Following a series of consultations with key stakeholders in Lebanon, including senior government and UN officials, the UN Secretary General today declared Lebanon eligible for funding from the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF).

The amount of funding and details for how it will be spent will be decided in the coming weeks, but the PBF will work to support some of the following Government priorities:

- overcome sectarian tensions and consolidate viable democracy;

- develop capacities for dialogue and reconciliation;

- reduce economic disparities between social groups and regions while integrating economically marginalized regions;

- engage in key peacebuilding and citizenship issues with youth and women; and

- address the unresolved issue of the status and rights of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

The funding also aims to foster increased integration among UN actors in Lebanon.

The MDTF Office is the Administrative Agent of the Peacebuilding Fund. In Lebanon, it also administers the Lebanon Recovery Fund.

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