Overview About MPTF Office



The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office), provides dedicated fund administration services to the UN system and national governments.  When contributors/partners - both developed and developing countries- provide funds for multi-agency operations, the MPTF Office may be appointed as the fund administrator. The MPTF Office one-stop shop fund administration services enhances the UN’s accountability under MDTFs established in the context of humanitarian, transition, reconstruction and development programmes.

The MPTF Office has grown steadily over the past several years. It currently has a portfolio of over 55 distinct MDTFs and 38 Joint Programmes (JPs). The increasing use of MDTFs and JPs is a direct application of the Aid Effectiveness Agenda and UN Reform initiatives and responds to the need to provide flexible, coordinated and predictable funding to support the achievement of national and global priorities.

Demand for MDTFs and JPs is growing. The MPTF Office is therefore making concerted effort to provide more information about the MDTF mechanism, its mission and operations to all stakeholders including the general public. It will provide regular detailed information on the MDTF and Joint Programmes(JPs) and its expanding role as the major Administrative Agent of the UN System.

The MPTF Office strives constantly to provide high-quality service to the UN system, national governments, contributors/partners and other stakeholders guided by its Mission Statement: 

"To provide transparent and accountable fund management services to the United Nations system to enhance its coherence, effectiveness and efficiency."


The MPTF Office portfolio includes country-level and global MDTFs, Delivering as One UN Funds and JPs.  We work with MDTF Steering Committees, Resident Coordinators, Participating UN Organizations, national governments and contributors when administering MDTFs and JPs in more than 80 countries.

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we display financial data on this portal in real time directly from our accounting system.

Role & Responsibility

Roles and Responsibilities

The UN system is concentrating efforts to enhance coherence and efficiency at the country level and to increase joint UN activities. In this context, UNDP is often called upon to play the role of Administrative Agent (AA) through its MPTF Office for MDTFs and Joint Programmes (JPs) that use the pass-through fund management model. This model was established by the UN system, national authorities and contributors in the context of humanitarian, transition, reconstruction and development programmes.

The increasing use of MDTFs is an application of the Aid Effectiveness Agenda and the UN Reform initiative "Delivering as One". The mechanism also responds to the need to provide flexible, coordinated and predictable funding to support the achievement of national and global priorities such as the MDGs. In their governance structure and operations, MDTFs are consistent with several principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action, including national ownership and alignment with national priorities; harmonization and coordination; effective and inclusive partnerships; and achieving development results and accounting for them.

MDTFs and JPs usually use the pass-through fund-management modality. Under this arrangement, Participating UN Organizations or national governments appoint the MPTF Office as an AA through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as their administrative interface with partners/contributors. It subsequently signs a Standard Administrative Arrangement with contibutors, and receives, administers and transfers contributed funds to Participating Organizations (POs) implementing approved activities in accordance with the MOU and SAA, and consolidates the progress reports of the POs for submission to contributors. POs assume full programmatic and financial accountability for the funds received from the MPTF Office as AA, operating under their own individual financial regulations and rules.

UNDP has two distinct roles in MDTFs and JPs. UNDP serves as an AA, exercising fund-management responsibilities. At the same time, it also acts as a PO, implementing approved activities using MDTF and JP resources in line with its development mandate and practice areas.

To avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest between its fund-management and programmatic roles, UNDP has taken measures to firewall its MPTF Office AA and PO functions.

The accountability for UNDP’s function when it is selected as AA has been delegated to the Executive Coordinator of the MPTF Office, who reports to the Assistant Administrator and Director of the Bureau of Management. This is detailed in UNDP’s Accountability when acting as Administrative Agent in MPTFs and/or UN Joint Programmes using the pass-through fund management modality. The MPTF Office performs the AA functions in accordance with the UNDG Protocol on the Administrative Agent for MPTFs and JPs, and One UN Funds.

On behalf of the POs, and in accordance with the UNDG AA Protocol, the MPTF Office performs the full range of AA functions, which include the responsibilities to:

  • Receive contributions from donors;
  • Administer funds received;
  • Disburse funds to each of the PO in accordance with instructions from the Steering Committee/Resident Coordinator (on behalf of the Steering Committee);
  • Consolidate statements and reports, based on submissions provided to the AA by each PO;
  • Provide final reporting, including notification that the MDTF/JP has been operationally completed;
  • Disburse funds to any PO for any additional costs of the task that the Steering Committee may decide in accordance with TOR/JP Document/One UN Programme.

THE MPTF OFFICE, ON ITS OWN, DOES NOT FUND PROJECTS OR ACTIVTIES OF ANY KIND. Only the authorized decision making body of an MDTF or JP (Steering Committee/Management Committee/Policy Board) approves funding decisions. Thereafter individual POs (not the MPTF Office) are responsible for choosing the implementation arrangement of approved activities, in line with their respective Financial Regulations, Rules, Policies and Procedures. Funding requests addressed to the MPTF Office by entities that have not signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the MPTF Office will not be acknowledged.