About MPTF Office


Funds have a number of common design and governance features. These usually include an oversight and decision-making body such as a steering committee, a secretariat, implementing entities and fund administrator or trustee, ensuring a strong division of responsibilities between fund administration, operation and implementation.


The MPTF Office provides trust-fund establishment, administration and advisory services to and on behalf of the entire United Nations system and national governments, bringing together and capitalizing on the strengths of individual agencies. The MPTF Office service platform encompasses the entire trust fund management cycle, from needs analysis, fund architecture design and fund establishment to day-to-day financial management and, ultimately fund closure.


The MPTF Office services the entire United Nations system in support of One United Nations principles, which echo and reinforce the international consensus on the need to improve existing aid delivery processes. Although housed within UNDP, the MPTF Office is firewalled from all UN implementing entities, UNDP included.

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