Glossary of terms

Annual Work Plan (AWP)
The required UNDG ExCom agency Annual Work Plans set out the activities which will be undertaken during the year in order to reach the results specified in the agency's Country Programme Action Plan. The AWPs will include a timeframe, budget and responsibilities for completing the activities.

Approved Project/Programme
An Annual Work Plan, a project/programme document, etc., which is approved by the relevant Steering Committee(s) for fund allocation purposes.

Amount approved by the relevant Steering Committee for a project/programme.

Direct Costs
Costs that can be traced to or identified as part of the cost of a project or programme in an economically feasible way.

Donor Commitment
A Donor contribution as per signed Letter of Agreement or Standard Administrative Arrangement with the UNDP Multi-Donor Trust Fund Office (MDTF Office), in its capacity as the Administrative Agent of the Fund.

Donor Deposit
Cash deposit received by the MPTF Office for the Fund.

Explanatory Note: Regarding donor deposits for Common Humanitarian Funds in Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Somali:  As contributions of several donors are received at the end of the calendar year to ensure predictability of funding ahead of the Humanitarian Planning Exercise for the following year, please note that generally October through December contributions are available for programming in the following year. For some donors this end year contributions may also constitute contributions of the following year.

Indirect Cost
A general cost that cannot be directly related to any particular programme or activity of the organization. These costs are recovered in accordance with each organization's own financial regulations and rules.

Participating Organisations
Organisations that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the MPTF Office.

Project Financial Closure
A project or programme is considered financially closed when all financial obligations of an operationally completed project or programme have been settled, and no further financial charges may be incurred.

Project Operational Closure
A project or programme is considered operationally closed when all activities for which a Participating Organization is responsible under the approved programmatic document have been completed.

Project/Programme/Joint Programme document
An annual work plan or a programme/project document, etc., which is approved by the Steering Committee for fund allocation purposes.

Project Expenditure
Amount of project disbursement plus unliquidated obligations related to payments due for the year. (except for UN Organisations that have adopted the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS).

Project Start date
Date of transfer of first instalment from the MPTF Office to the Participating Organization.

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