Information Disclosure Policy

In accordance with its mission statement, the MPTF Office makes all relevant information available on the MPTF Office GATEWAY as quickly as possible. All Fund related and Programme related documents and reports are posted immediately upon issuance. Account holders in relevant field offices have access to post these documents directly on the MPTF Office GATEWAY. In addition, field offices are encouraged posting any other relevant documents to ensure highest possible levels of transparency.

In our efforts to offer our partners full transparency regarding the funds we administer, the financial data on the site is provided to in real-time from our open books in ATLAS, the MPTF Office transactional system. During the open accounting periods, discrepancies may occur until accounts are officially certified. The MPTF Office welcomes your comments about any discrepancies observed. Please provide feedback here.

Real-time defined as a maximum of a 2-hour delay from the Atlas financial system. Expenditure reports from agencies are also made available as they are reported to the MPTF Office at the moment according to an annual cycle.

By making information available fast and with attention to openness and relevance for management decision-making, the MPTF Office actively supports the UN reform agenda by allowing stakeholders to hold each other accountable based on timely and relevant information.

All data, reports and documents are published in accordance with Section VII (Joint Communication) of the Standard Administrative Agreement (SAA) and the Standard Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as well as UNDP’s information disclosure policy.

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