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The MPTF Office GATEWAY was launched in early 2010 and offers useful features to assist our partners and contributors, such as :

  • Search capability and easy navigation;
  • Interactive tools such as maps, interactive timelines, charts and figures;
  • Access to programme-level information and documents;
  • Ability for Participating Organizations to track transfers made to them and see their purpose;
  • Ability for donors track the deposits they have made to MDTFs;

The MPTF Office aims to offer our partners full transparency regarding the funds we administer. It gives real-time data access to staff of Participating Organizations and for stakeholders in country and at headquarters to all relevant information.


Quick Guides to the GATEWAY

To facilitate navigation:

Guide : How to navigate to a Participating Organization's data  

Guide : How to bookmark using the My GATEWAY tool 

Guide : Tools for searching the GATEWAY 

Guide : How to use the Document Center

Guide : How to Track Contributions

For Users with edit access:

Guide : How to upload a document/submit narrative report

Guide : GATEWAY Features for Editors 

Help desk

To get help, report technical issues or for any questions you may have please contact Ms. Farnaz Shemirani by e-mail: farnaz.shemirani@undp.org


In Focus
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Find over 4000 relevant reports and documents in the DOCUMENT CENTER.
Bookmark Funds, projects, agencies, organizations etc that you would like to follow using MY GATEWAY. You will receive information on the frontpage - in real time - of transfers or contributions made or documents added. Try it!
Use the "tool for" button for contextual searches. Find Documents, see maps, launch detailed reports for contributions or transfers for the Fund, Country, Organization, Donor or Project that you are looking at.
Find a project using your agency reference ID in the search box.
Use the interactive MAP to find Funds and programme, or to see where the contributions are coming from.
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