Scam Alert

Contract Scam Alert

As a matter of practice, UNDP does not charge any registration fee or any other type of fee to potential suppliers who are interested in participating in its competitive procurement process. Potential suppliers should be aware that only the Participating UN Organizations of the UNDG Iraq Trust Fund, or any other multi-donor trust fund, are contracting authorities and award of contracts are made by UN Organizations following their respective procurement rules and procedures and do not use intermediaries for contract award purposes.

We have been specifically made aware that entities or individuals using names such as "Tony Marchant", "Dr. Abi Christopher" ...etc and claiming to represent UNDP or the UNDG Iraq Trust Fund continue to send fraudulent messages to potential suppliers regarding purported "UN contract Awards".

The purpose of these fraudulent messages is to get potential vendors to pay so-called registration fees. Since logos, emblems, names and addresses can be easily copied or reproduced, vendors are strongly advised not to communicate and respond to such fictitious contract awards. If you believe that you have received such a communication, please forward it, and any other related information you have received, to


Procurement Procedures

Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office), UNDP, is the Administrative Agent for multi-donor trust funds and joint programmes entrusted to it by the UN system and not an executing Office. Therefore, any procurement inquiries and requests should be addressed to the relevant Participating UN Organizations. 

THE MPTF OFFICE, ON ITS OWN, DOES NOT FUND PROJECTS OR ACTIVTIES OF ANY KIND. Only the authorized decision making body of an MDTF or JP (Steering Committee/Management Committee/Policy Board) approves funding decisions. Thereafter individual Participating UN Organizations (not the MPTF Office) are responsible for choosing the implementation arrangement of approved activities, in line with their respective Financial Regulations, Rules, Policies and Procedures. Such Funding requests will not be acknowledged by the MPTF Office. 

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