About MPTF Office Funds


National MDTFs are a financing tool available to national governments for pooling funds to support their strategic vision, as outlined in national development plans, transition plans and government budgets. The programmatic scope of the national MDTFs is normally broad and includes support to a variety of government sectors, and programmes or projects within the sectors. This results logic is also reflected in the National MDTF financial design.

National MDTF are fully owned by their countries’ governments and governance arrangement are unique to each National Fund. The fund implementation is the responsibility of the national government, who may decide to work with UN and NGO partners as per the government’s national regulatory framework. Fund operation is directed by a steering committee, chaired or co-chaired by the government and supported by a secretariat. The steering committee sets overall direction, makes resource allocation decisions and carries out independent reviews. As the appointed fund administrator / administrative agent, the MPTF Office supports the fund design and channels the contributions from a large number of contributors.

National MDTF administered by the MPTF Office are only established at the country level. They are often part of a multi-window set-up in which the National MDTF is complemented by a separate UN MDTF. Further, the MPTF Office administered Funds often work in tandem with other windows administered by IFIs, such as the World Bank and the Regional Development Banks, or other donor-administered Fund.


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