Portfolio of Participating Organizations

UN Organizations that participate in MPTFs or JPs are required to sign a standard Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UNDP MPTF Office as the Administrative Agent (AA), and are referred to as "Participating UN Organizations". Each Participating UN Organization operates under its own financial regulations, rules and policies and assumes full financial and programmatic accountability for the funds disbursed to it by the MPTF Office as AA and for the implementation of the project and provides financial and narrative progress reports to the AA on its activities. Participating UN Organizations charge 7% to recover their indirect costs for implementing approved projects.

Non-UN Organizations that have similar international character and financial rules and regulations as Participating UN Organizations may be permitted, following a proper assessment of their institutional and financial accountability framework and approval of the Participating UN Organizations, to participate in MPTFs and JPs and receive funds directly from the AA. In this case, they will sign a separate MOU with the AA, and are referred to as "Non-UN Participating Organizations'. They assume the same programmatic and financial accountability for the funds disbursed to them by the AA, and fulfill the same terms and conditions, as Participating UN Organizations.

MOUs for individual UNDP MPTF Office administered MPTFs, One UN Funds and JPs are available on the GATEWAY Documents Center. The standard UNDG MOU is also available in the Documents Center as well as at the UNDG website.

For the sake of brevity, throughout the GATEWAY, Participating UN Organizations and Non-UN Participating Organizations are referred to as "Participating Organizations". In the list below only those Participating Organizations that have at least one financial transaction are shown.  

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Participating Organizations
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