Portfolio of Contributors/Partners

Multi-Partner Trust Funds (MPTFs) and Joint Programmes (JPs) receive voluntary contributions from both developed and developing countries. These countries support such MPTFs/JPs in the spirit of partnership to national governments and UN organizations. To reflect this partnership, both developed and developing countries contributing to MPTFs and JPs are referred to in the MPTF Office GATEWAY as "Contributors/Partners" and not “Donors”.

In addition, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, foundations, companies and individuals can also make contributions to UN MPTFs and/or JPs. Acceptance of funds from the private sector will be guided by the criteria stipulated in the UN system-wide guidelines on cooperation between the UN and Business Community articulated in the UN Secretary-General’s guidelines https://www.un.org/partners/business/otherpages/guide.htm.   

Partners who wish to contribute to an MPTF or JP that uses the pass-through fund management modality are required to sign a Standard Administrative Arrangement (SAA) with UNDP as an Administrative Agent (AA). The latest generic SAA used for MPTFs, One UN Funds and JPs, approved by the UNDG on 30 October 2008, is available under SAA in the GATEWAY Documents Center. 

The table below shows all Contributors/Partners from our accounting system. Some Partners may be represented by their Government (e.g. Government of Spain) or by their respective Development Agency (e.g. AG. ESPANOLA DE COOPERACION INT) and in some cases both.

In the case of the Expanded Funding Window (EFW) funds are pooled together and approved for use by other MPTFs. Therefore, EFW is also listed as a Contributor/Partner.

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