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Table 5.1.1 Financial Overview
Table 5.1.2A Financial Delivery Rate by Sector, within Country
Table 5.1.3 Financial Delivery Rate by Participating Organization
Table 5.2.1 Contributions
Table 5.3.1 Sources of Interest & Investment Income
Table 5.4.0 Net Funded Amount and Reported Expenditure by Participating Organization
Table 5.4.1 Transfer of Net Funded Amount by Participating Organization
Table 5.4.3 Transfer, Refund and Net Funded Amount by Participating Organization
Table 5.5.1 Expenditure by Sector within Country
Table 5.5.2 Total Expenditure by Category
Table Annex 1 Expenditure by Project within Sector
Table Annex 2 Expenditure by Project, grouped by Country
Table Annex 3 Project Information by Country and Status (Completed and Ongoing)
Table Direct Cost Allocation & Balance
Table Interest Balance
Table Earmarking Commitments and Deposits
Table Earmarking Transfers
Table Earmarking Transfers with Countries         Sort by Sector     Sort by Country     Sort by Project




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