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Project ID:00108992Description:DCPSF/17-WHH-INGO-10
Darfur Peace & Stability Fund
Start Date *: 8 Feb 2018
DCPSF Window 1
End Date*: 31 Jan 2020
Country: Sudan Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   NGO/UNDP - NGO Implementation/UNDP

Although the security situation in North Darfur has improved over the last two years, it is essential for Welthungerhilfe (WHH) to continue reconciliation and peace-building initiatives in the tar-geted rural communities. This WHH project will build on the achievements and good practices from the first two DCPSF-funded peacebuilding projects with an increased focus on gender mainstreaming.

In a step that goes beyond the previous two phases, this proposal focuses on developing networks among peace actors on State level, including civil society organizations, LNGOs, INGOs, UN, minis-tries, HAC, police, universities and others in a bid to establish a platform for dialogue and experience sharing for peace building.

The project will also link all WHH developed CBRMs, past and future, along with CBRMs created by other DCPSF partners in North Darfur, with relevant government ministries, legal institutions, HAC, and security services so as to ensure that traditional conflict resolution methods will be linked with legal Su-danese structures for enhanced peace efforts.

The WHH interventions will strengthen community level peacebuilding initiatives and foster greater so-cial cohesion by bringing together communities for peaceful dialogue and through specific activities tar-geted towards harmonious co-existence. The approach of this project is based on WHH’s field experi-ence and knowledge of the existing triggers of conflicts in the North Darfur.

The proposed project targets the localities of Kutum and El Fasher Rural and specifically addresses all 4 outputs in DCPSF’s Results Framework. WHH will work in the 6 existing villages from previous DCPSF projects on activities addressing output 4 and utilize the lessons learnt to create CBRMs in 8 new villages that have specifically requested WHH’s support – initially on the first three outputs and in the last half year also on output 4.

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