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PAGE Rationale

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) seeks to put sustainability at the heart of economic policymaking. The Partnership supports nations and regions in reframing economic policies and practices around sustainability to foster economic growth, create income and jobs, reduce poverty and inequality, and strengthen the ecological foundations of their economies.

Bringing together the expertise and broad convening power of five UN Agencies (UN Environment Programme, UN Development Programme, UN Industrial Development Organization, International Labour Organization, UN Institute for Training and Research) and working closely with national governments, private sector and civil society, PAGE offers a comprehensive, coordinated and cost effective package of analytical support, technical assistance and capacity building services to countries and regions to transform their economies into drivers of sustainability and social equity. PAGE is also aligned with 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development especially to SDGs related to economy, jobs, environment and climate change.

PAGE is a multi-year programme, that progressively assists a total of 20 countries in their efforts to embark on green economy pathways. Beyond the five agencies, PAGE engages with a wider range of partners, which is described in more detail in the PAGE Operational Strategy 2016-2020. Putting emphasis on national ownership, PAGE supports countries to build consensus and create collective commitment to plan and implement reforms that advance IGE and contribute to achieving the SDGs.


PAGE Governance Structure

In its first three years, PAGE has set up a governance structure (consisting of a Management Board, Donor Steering Committee, Technical Team and Secretariat) and centred the five agency partnership in a jointly developed results framework, with the overall objective to support countries’ efforts to transform their economies to be greener and more inclusive. The expertise and delivery models of each agency are brought together under a joint commitment to deliver on agreed outcomes and outputs at the national and global level. Building on this joint agreement on results, PAGE partners have developed a business model that provides an integrated offer to interested countries, taking into account each agency’s strengths and the specific country demand.


PAGE Contribution

Contributions to the PAGE Fund may be accepted from governments, inter-governmental or non-governmental organizations. One global multi-year project will be established with sub-projects by agencies. No specific projects by country or established outcome, but the financial architecture may be changed at a later date upon request from the Management Board. Such changes may include projects by country or outcomes, with the possibility of piloting a country or outcome project. 

Contributions to the trust fund are received as un-earmarked contributions allowing for the pooling of funds and consolidated financial reporting. In case a contribution that is earmarked to an outcome or country is proposed to the MPTFO, a decision by the Management Board is required on the receipt of the funds. For an earmarked contribution, MPTFO would need to modify the financial architecture of the project to allow funds to be distinguishable in the financial reporting. Funds that are specifically earmarked to an agency are not received by the MPTF, but go directly to individual agencies as PAGE aligned funds.



Recent Documents

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Key Figures
Funding Status
Participating Organizations are required to submit final year-end expenditures by April 30 in the following year; Interim expenditure figures are submitted on a voluntary basis and therefore current year figures are not final until the year-end expenditures have been submitted.
Total as of
Values in US$
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Funds with Administrative Agent
Contributions from Donors 49,592,994  
Interest and Investment Income (from Fund) 834,800  
Interest (from Participating Organizations) 45,845  
Total source of funds   50,473,639
Transferred to Participating Organizations 30,880,589  
Refunds from Participating Organizations -72,014  
Administrative Agent Fee 435,930  
Direct Cost 1,682,040  
Bank Charges 1,841  
Other 60,000  
Total use of funds   32,988,386
Balance with Administrative Agent   17,485,253
As a percentage of deposits   35.3%
Funds with Participating Organizations
Transfers to Participation Organizations 32,562,629  
Total resources   32,562,629
Participating Organizations' Expenditure 17,445,807  
Refunds from Participating Organizations -72,014  
Total expenses     17,517,821
Balance with Participating Organizations   15,044,808
As a percentage of transfers   46.2%
Total Balance of Funds   32,530,061
As a percentage of deposits   65.6%
Delivery Analysis
Report by
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Policy and Programme Issues: PAGE Secretariat 

  • Ms. Vera Weick, 11-13, Chemin des Anemones, 1219 Chatelaine, Geneva, Switzerland;


Fund Agent Administrative

Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office), Bureau of Management, United Nations Development Programme; Fax: +1 212 906 6990  

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