2022 Annual Report

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With the world facing a polycrisis marked by growing humanitarian needs, rebuilding following the economic fallout caused by COVID-19, a stark food crisis, social insecurity, and the ever-increasing urgency of climate change, UN inter-agency pooled funds have become critical financing instruments to respond to these intersecting issues. The UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office) has kept pace with the demand for pooled financing services, supporting 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and providing urgent relief in a post-COVID-19 pandemic world.

Over the course of 2022, six trends characterized the direction of the MPTF Office: 


SERVICE PROVISION EXPANSION. It was a record year for the expansion of service provision to the MPTF roster of diverse partners.  Support for UN inter-agency pooled funds remained strong in 2022 and growth in the volume of services was substantial with US$1.74 billion in resources provided to UN organizations and other implementing partners across the pooled fund portfolio the MPTF Office administers. Over US$1.5 billion in deposits were made, the third highest sum in the history of the MPTF Office. A larger, more diversified and innovative portfolio of MPTF Office-administered inter-agency pooled funds and broader network of partnerships across humanitarian, development, environment and peacebuilding projects made a substantial contribution to UN-wide efforts in SDG achievement.



INNOVATION ACROSS THE PORTFOLIO. The MPTF Office continued to support partners towards innovating in the design and operationalization of inter-agency pooled funds to better respond to the emerging needs of UN participating organizations, nexus approaches and supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks (UNSDCFs). In 2022, MPTF Office-administered inter-agency pooled funds pivoted activities to tackle emerging and destabilizing events that have ripple effects like the war in Ukraine, ongoing instability and insecurity (Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq), recurring or novel emergencies and crises, and the increasingly complexities of climate change and environmental events.



DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. A substantial digital transformation took place in 2022 with the launch of the new Gateway fund management platform. the MPTF Office project that aims to engage partners in exploring, in depth, the diverse and rich portfolio of pooled funds. This change allows the Office to remain competitive while offering partners a superior level of service. Equipped with the various transparency functionalities built by the MPTF Office over the years, and adding new data analytics, visibility, and content features to facilitate partner engagement in inter-agency pooled funds, Gateway represents another step forward in MPTF Office efforts to innovate in administering and managing quality and efficient pooled funding, supporting a broad portfolio of humanitarian, development, peace, and climate trust funds. In the first six months after being relaunched, web traffic increased by 50% compared to the previous year, highlighting a heightened interest by partners.       



ANALYTICS AND KNOWLEDGE. The MPTF Office continued to provide insight and guidance on UN financing through data analytics and knowledge. Working with partners, the UNSDG Fiduciary Management and Oversight Group made substantial progress in monitoring UN Funding Compact Commitment 14 on pooled fund quality features. Together with the Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, the MPTF Office released the publication, Financing the UN Development System – Joint Responsibilities in a World of Disarray, in digital format and link to an accompanying website. The report offers data, analysis, and expert insight into UN financing to guide policy makers, researchers, the public, and other stakeholders on how to achieve the SDGs.



OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS ACREOSS THE PORTFOLIO.The MPTF Office advanced on digital transformation in fund management and administration systems, as well as improving operational effectiveness performance against key performance indicators (KPIs). The MPTF Office successfully met increased demand in 2022 and maintained the highest standards of quality, efficiency, innovation and service excellence. Despite facing peak demand for administrative services, and working on systems transitions to the new UNDP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the office maintained high service standards. 94.4% of transfers were made within the five-day period throughout the year and with an average of three days for country-based humanitarian funds. The MPTF Office continued to maintain strong qualitative recognition for thought and knowledge leadership in relation to the UNDS and UN financing approaches.



FOCUS ON QUALITY. Advancing quality features in close collaboration with the Fiduciary Management Oversight Group. UN Inter-agency coordination mechanisms and strong engagement by the MPTF Office helped ensure the monitoring of the implementation of quality standards for pooled funds, as outlined in the Funding Compact across the UN development system and QCPR. The MPTF Office contributed in 2022 substantively to UNSDG entities joint work to: Implementation of quality features across pooled funds, new tools, support for SDG country funds, and new joint programme guidelines that will encourage greater, streamlined UN joint action.

These achievements positioned the MPTF Office as a trusted leader in serving the United Nations and associated stakeholders in the design and administration of pooled financing, and meeting Funding Compact commitments. With the SDG Summit, Our Common Agenda put forward by the UN Secretary-General, and stakeholder efforts to safeguard progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Decade of Action, now is a pivotal time to fully harness the potential of pooled funding.


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The results highlighted in this Report would not have been possible without generous contributions to the pooled funds administered by the MPTF Office.
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