Portfolio of trust fundsDesigning and promoting new financing solutions

The MPTF Office, alongside partners, supports the development of established and new financing instruments that tackle humanitarian, peace, security, climate, and development challenges.
Below is a sneak peek of funds currently in the pipeline or being prepared for launch.
Country-level pooled funds (design phase)

Instruments are available to United Nations country teams so they can merge and leverage funding towards priority SDGs, as established in respective United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks. Country-level pooled funds are complementary to, and aligned with, other sources of local funding and global pooled funding instruments.

Financing instruments are currently being designed in countries like Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali and many others.

Catalytic Fund for Non-Communicable Diseases and Mental Health

A global fund conceived to prevent and control non-communicable diseases (NCDs), stakeholders use this trust to endorse a 2018 ECOSOC resolution on NCDs and mental health issues. Members of the Independent High-Level Commission on non-communicable diseases provide technical support on scaling up support to low- and lower middle-income countries as they strive to meet SDG 3.4 and reduce early mortality caused by NCDs by 2030 and also promote mental well-being. 


Pipeline funds


Greening Education MPTF
JP Libya Strengthening Economic Recovery and Durable Solution
Malawi SDG Fund III


SPECA Multi-Partner Trust Fund
Madagascar Fonds Commun Levier ODD
Mali Stabilization and Resilience Trust Fund

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