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Start Date: 1 January 2022

End Date: 30 June 2024

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The Joint EU-UN Programme for Rural Development in Abkhazia, Phase III (ENPARD IV) shall be implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It will build on the results and achievements obtained under two previous phases (Phase II and Phase I) as well as COVID-19 action complementing to ENPARD III Abkhazia Component.

The overall objective of the Joint EU-UN Programme (henceforth “Joint Programme” or “JP”) is to contribute to improved quality of life and socio-economic conditions of the rural population in Abkhazia, both of men and women in equal manner as well as specific target groups such as individuals with disabilities, or minority ethnic groups, with special focus on agriculture.

UNDP and FAO will be joining efforts to provide integrated services to rural communities in Abkhazia that build on each Agency’s comparative advantage in terms of both technical and operational capacities. While FAO will focus on technical aspects of agriculture development, UNDP will concentrate on implementation of community-led interventions and income diversification activities.

The goal of the joint programme is to bring about changes through three specific objectives:

  1. Increase protection of consumers and producers; this will be pursued through awareness raising on food safety, and dissemination of Good Agricultural Practices at farm level;
  2. Enhance resilience of rural communities; this will be pursued through improved agricultural practices, enhanced local expertise and strengthened diversification of income generation sources;
  3. Enhance community empowerment and social inclusion and cohesion through community-led local development initiatives.

The JP will be jointly managed, coordinated and implemented by respective country offices of UNDP and FAO (thereinafter referred as “Participating UN Organizations” or PUNOs). UNDP CO will additionally have the role of Convening Agency (CA) while the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office) of UNDP will serve as the Administrative Agent (AA) of the Joint Programme.

Steering Committee

As per internal procedures and requirements of participating UN organizations, a Steering Committee (SC) shall be established to ensure smooth and successful implementation of the joint programme. The SC will be co-chaired by Head of EU Delegation, UNDP Resident Representative and FAO Representative or designated authorities from the mentioned organizations/institutions. It may also be attended by technical level focal points and programme/project managers from UNDP, FAO and EUDEL. The SC will provide strategic guidance for a coherent and coordinated programme implementation and ensure that funds are managed properly and in a cost-efficient manner.

The executive role within the Joint Programme will rest with participating UN organizations in respective components but whenever needed they shall request guidance and directions from the SC. The SC shall review the progress of annual work plans, provide strategic directions and oversight, set allocation criteria, allocate resources, review implementation progress, note audit reports (published in accordance with each PUNOs’ disclosure policy), and initiate investigations (if needed). In the final year of the Joint Programme, the SC shall hold an end-of programme review to capture lessons learned and discuss opportunities for scaling up and to socialize programme results and lessons learned with relevant audiences.

Recent Documents

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Key Figures
Funding Status
Participating Organizations are required to submit final year-end expenditures by April 30 in the following year; Interim expenditure figures are submitted on a voluntary basis and therefore current year figures are not final until the year-end expenditures have been submitted.
Total as of
Values in US$
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Funds with Administrative Agent
Contributions from Donors 886,616  
Interest and Investment Income (from Fund) 234  
Interest (from Participating Organizations) 0  
Total source of funds   886,850
Transferred to Participating Organizations 877,750  
Refunds from Participating Organizations 0  
Administrative Agent Fee 0  
Direct Cost 0  
Bank Charges 0  
Other 8,866  
Total use of funds   886,616
Balance with Administrative Agent   234
As a percentage of deposits   0.0%
Funds with Participating Organizations
Transfers to Participation Organizations 877,750  
Total resources   877,750
Participating Organizations' Expenditure 96,510  
Refunds from Participating Organizations 0  
Total expenses     96,510
Balance with Participating Organizations   781,240
As a percentage of transfers   89.0%
Total Balance of Funds   781,474
As a percentage of deposits   88.1%
Delivery Analysis
Report by
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