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In recognition of the importance and urgency of addressing under-nutrition, in September 2010 the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement (Sun Movement) was launched at the UN Summit on the MDGs. At this meeting, Governments, development partners, civil society, business and academia committed to work together to substantively scale up nutrition. This initiative represents an unprecedented development in the field of nutrition, bringing together over 100 stakeholders representing UN agencies, authorities of countries burdened by under-nutrition, development partners, northern and southern civil society, and private sector actors, committed to coordinate and alig their efforts behind an agreed set of key priority areas for interventions, and to working towards securing adequate support and attention for tackling under-nutrition. Since the start of the SUN Movement, progress has been impressive with over 26 countries committing to scale up nutrition, and hundreds of stakeholders from civil society, development partners, business and the UN system pledging to work together in support of these country actions in ways that supplement their own investments. Expectations are high and an increasing number of countries are seeking to join the SUN Movement and work for sustained results in the coming years. Those involved in the Movement will work to ensure that this political interest is translated into intensified actions, strengthened programmes and measurable results within SUN countries.

In March 2012 the SUN Movement Multi-Partner Trust Fund ( Sun Movement MPTF) was established by the Participating UN Organizations and contributors/partners. The SUN Movement MPTF is designed to ensure that catalytic grants reach governments, UN agencies, civil society groups, other SUN partners and support organizations. The SUN MPTF will enable partners to contribute finances that will facilitate the development and implementation of government or stakeholder actions for scaling up nutrition within the parameters of the Scale Up Nutrition Movement’s Road Map. It is not designed to be a vertical nutrition fund for large scale investments in food and nutrition security, nor to replace existing funding pathways at country level- it is a fund to be used for catalytic actions to enable, initiate or develop SUN Movement activity at country or regional level, and provide appropriate global-level support, when other funding is not available.


SUN MPTF Structure

To act as a catalyst, the SUN Movement MPTF will have three primary areas for work, and thus three windows for funding:

1) Support for initial SUN actions at country level: Facilitate initial actions with SUN countries for which financial support is not available – including support for the strengthening of multi-stakeholder platforms, stock-taking of nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive activities, or SUN launches that provide opportunities for sharing of experiences amongst key stakeholders in national regional and global SUN meetings. For projects related to this function, there would be a funding limit of US$ 100,000.

2) Catalytic programmes for Countries: To fund SUN Movement partners participation in SUN Country plans. The SUN Secretariat will facilitate calls for proposals for such funding as requested and agreed upon by the Management Committee, and as funding becomes available. As an immediate priority, initial funds will be used to permit the implementation of the Civil Society proposal: “Tackling the Neglected Crisis of Undernutrition: Mobilising Civil Society (CSO) in support of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement (SUN)” referred to as the ‘CSO proposal’ which proposes support to 11 CSO countries.

3) Support for global SUN strategic efforts: To fund other initiatives, including the development and outsourcing of strategic pieces of work, such as on resource mobilization and transfer strategies, communications work, triangulation and validation of progress indicators and an independent evaluation of the Movement.



The governance of the SUN Movement MPTF will be based on the SUN Lead Group, which will provide overall strategic direction for the Movement and hence the priorities for the Fund; a Management Committee which will review and approve proposals, make fund allocation decisions and oversee Fund-level implementation, and a Secretariat, which will provide support to the Management Committee and facilitate the work of the Fund.

Lead Group: The UN Secretary-General is establishing a Lead Group, that will work to ensure that the national authorities of countries within the SUN Movement receive the effective support that they request as they scale up nutrition programmes. The Lead Group will focus on the efforts of partners that offer this support, ensuring strategic oversight, coherence and collective accountability. Its members will also seek to improve the availability of external support for national SUN efforts and alignment behind the efforts of national stakeholders as they seek to improve nutrition.

A Management Committee (MC) will be established with the responsibility to review proposals for funding and decide on the allocation of funds. The Coordinator of the SUN Movement will serve as Chairman of the MC. The MC will be composed of all UN Organizations participating in the SUN Movement MPTF, including FAO, WFP, WHO, and UNICEF and Contributors. Other organizations may be invited by the MC to join it.

Secretariat  will support the work of the MC and is tasked with the following activities: (a) review proposals submitted by Participating UN Organizations for consistency with the Terms of Reference (TOR) and the established criteria and guidelines; (b) transmit proposals to the MC for their review and approval; (c) assess and compile lessons-learned from the programme and initiatives supported and develop and implement an effective knowledge management system; and (d) contribute to ensuring that policies and strategies decided by the SUN Lead Group are implemented and adhered to.

Administrative Agent: The SUN Movement MPTF is administered by the UNDP Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office). The Administrative Agent is the appointed administrative interface between the Participating UN Organizations and the donors. The MPTF Office is an ex officio member of the MC.



The MC, through the Secretariat, will issue calls for proposals which will indicate the purpose for which funds are available, size of grants, guidelines for development of proposals, deadlines for submission, the appraisal and adjudication process, supervision and accountability.

The SUN MPTF funding is allocated to the Participating UN Organizations. SUN Movement MPTF’s Implementing Partners will access the grant funding through the Participating UN Organizations. The Participating UN Organizations will work with Implementing Partners and ensure that the submitted proposals are collaboratively developed, and ensure optimal design, selection, implementation and accountability processes.


Recent Documents

This tab shows only recent documents relevant at the Fund level. To see more documents at both the fund and project level go to the Document Center.

Key Figures
Funding Status
Participating Organizations are required to submit final year-end expenditures by April 30 in the following year; Interim expenditure figures are submitted on a voluntary basis and therefore current year figures are not final until the year-end expenditures have been submitted.
Total as of
Values in US$
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Funds with Administrative Agent
Contributions from Donors 10,087,658  
Interest and Investment Income (from Fund) 37,857  
Interest (from Participating Organizations) 0  
Refunds by Administrative Agent to Contributors -233,545  
Total source of funds   9,891,970
Transferred to Participating Organizations 10,019,786  
Refunds from Participating Organizations -229,141  
Administrative Agent Fee 100,877  
Direct Cost 0  
Bank Charges 447  
Total use of funds   9,891,970
Balance with Administrative Agent   0
As a percentage of deposits   0%
Funds with Participating Organizations
Transfers to Participation Organizations 10,019,786  
Total resources   10,019,786
Participating Organizations' Expenditure 9,790,646  
Refunds from Participating Organizations -229,141  
Total expenses     10,019,786
Balance with Participating Organizations   0
As a percentage of transfers   0%
Total Balance of Funds   0
As a percentage of deposits   0%
Delivery Analysis
Report by
All amounts in US$
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to All amounts in US$ Excel Print
Report by All amounts in US$ Excel Print

For Policy and Programme Issues

  • Ms Gerda Verburg, UN System Coordinator of the Movement on Scaling Up Nutrition
  • Ms Florence Lasbennes, Chief of Staff, Office of the Special Representative of the UNSG on Food Security and Nutrition, SUN Movement Secretariat, Telephone: +41 22 917 59 45, Email:


For Fund Management/Administrative Agent Issues

Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office, Bureau of Management, United Nations Development Programme; Fax: +1 212 906 6990

Ms Elena Gaino, SUN Movement Secretariat, Telephone: +41 22 9171679, E-mail

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