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Project ID:00065655Description:ALB Result 2.1.3 - Roma partic
Albania SDG Acceleration Fund
Start Date *: 31 Mar 2009
End Date*: 31 Dec 2011
Country: Albania Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDP - UNDP(MDTF/PUNO only).

Supporting the Rights and Voices of Minorities UN provided technical assistance to MOLSAEO and the Technical Secretariat for Roma in establishing a web-based reporting system to be utilized for preparing progress reports on the Roma Decade National Action Plan, while providing support in consolidating the function of four regional committees responsible for coordinating implementation of measures targeting Roma at the local level. The Technical Secretariat is currently establishing coordination committees for Roma in five other regions.

To ensure that Roma and Egyptians are actively involved in interventions targeting their communities, eleven community based forums with more than 176 members have been involved in the prioritization of eight infrastructure projects, which have been agreed for co-financing with respective local government authorities in Fier, Elbasan, Durres and Tirana. The projects include construction of community centres with integrated kindergarten and health facilities, road and sewage rehabilitations, bridge reconstruction, school yard systematizations, etc. More than 20 Vocational training, Elbasan community participation activities—such as an essay writing competition, participation of Roma students in a summer university and the voluntary engagement of community members in neighbourhood regeneration activities, planting of trees, connecting houses to the main sewage system, paving internal roads—have been supported.

In order to enable access to rights and social services, multi-sectoral assistance has been provided in civil registration, safety and community policing, health, child protection and pre-school education, employability, relying on the expertise of several agencies including UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNHCR and UNV. Some of the tangible results in civil registration involve registration of 66 children, referral for social housing in Tirana of Roma or Egyptian households, equipping 30 individuals with identification documentation, while a manual on safety and policing has been produced for community and police authorities.

Training needs in the field of health have been identified for health authorities, as well as the establishment of a community health mediator. The immunization status of 1,222 children has been checked and 324 vaccine doses delivered, while 70 healthcare workers from ten policlinics in Tirana received training in reaching vulnerable groups. A multi-purpose centre has been established in Tirana to protect children from abuse, neglect and violence and exploitation, benefiting 530 children from 234 families through provision of social and legal assistance, as well as health, nutrition and educational services. Sixty Roma or Egyptian children from Durres and Elbasan attended preparatory courses and were enrolled in first grade while another 84 children from Saver and Baltez (Fier) have been receiving early childhood development services through two community centres. Seventy-one Roma and Egyptian individuals have been identified as potential vocational training candidates, while a labour market analysis is being developed with MoLSAEO to prepare a combined scheme of vocational courses, on the- job training and internships for both the unskilled and university graduates for vulnerable Roma or Egyptian individuals who encounter discriminatory barriers when seeking to enter the labour market.

Sources: 2010 Annual Progress Report

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