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Albania SDG Acceleration Fund
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
Regional Development
End Date*: 31 Dec 2012
Country: Albania Project Status: Financially Closed
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Promoting Regional Development and Institutional Strengthening

The 2007 national Cross-Cutting Strategy for Regional Development was the initial baseline for UN assistance. However, a detailed review of the strategy in early 2010 concluded that it should be reformulated and that existing national financial instruments should be adjusted to forth coming IPA financing modalities. This conclusion was reinforced by a clear message from the EU in January 2010 requesting Albania put in place the institutional structure necessary for receipt of IPA3 funding by the end of 2010. The UN subsequently received a request from the Ministry of European Integration, and accordingly adapted its assistance to follow two distinct but interrelated tracks: one related to IPA3 institutional and programming support, the other to support domestic regional development and reform.

With regard to the first track, assistance for institution building, UNDP provided coaching and support to the national Strategic Coordinator and to the relevant line ministries involved in developing the Strategic Coherence Framework (SCF) for regional development and human resources development, as well as the Operational Programme 3 (OP3) for regional development. Meanwhile, training on Regional Development and IPA Programming, the second track, was delivered to more than 30 experts from seven ministries and government agencies. Government quickly absorbed the UN assistance, and the two documents, CFF and OP3 were drafted.

There were some delays in interventions supporting regional development, partly due to unclear lines of responsibility following a recent reshuffle of ministerial portfolios. In order to respond to the need for simplification of procedures for applying for regional development funds from different sources, the UN offered to help DSDC revise and simplify governing policies and awarding criteria used by the national Regional Development Fund a financing mechanism for local investment, and bring the format of application and procedures as close as possible to IPA3 procedures in the medium term. This revision led to proposed reforms of Albania’s domestic regional development policy, through development of a policy paper that was shared with government for review in mid-2010. However, progress has been slow due to lack of a clear lead institution for regional development following the reallocation of responsibilities.

Nevertheless, a thorough analysis of regional disparities has been undertaken through stakeholder consultations in all Albanian regions and a related assessment is being finalized.

In Kukes, the UN actively supported local stakeholders assess and identify opportunities for development of the county through environmental tourism development. A regional tourism development strategy was developed based on assessment of regional tourism assets and potential. Modular training was provided to 60 local stakeholders to enable them to benefit from future opportunities for cross-border cooperation (including utilization of IPA2 funding) and a call for proposals modelled on the procedures and requirements of a future cross-border cooperation programme between Albania and neighbouring countries led to the awarding of ten mini grants.

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