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Project ID:00065944Description:RWA 3 - Education
Rwanda One UN Fund
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
Education and Skills
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Rwanda Project Status: Financially Closed
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UNDAF Result on Education


Summary of Significant National Achievements


For both boys and girls, Rwanda is on track to achieve universal access to primary education by 2015. There has been continuing good progress in access to education with the Primary Net Enrolment Rate increasing to 95% in 2010 as a result of the nine year basic education reforms.


The transition rate from primary to secondary education increased from 88% in 2008 to almost 91% in 2010. The promotion rate within primary education increased from 69.5% (2008) to 73.8% (2009), with the rate for girls marginally higher than for boys. Both the repetition (14%) and dropout rates (12.2%) have been reduced thanks in large part to the success of back to school campaigns for parents and communities to send and keep their children, especially girls, in school.


Gender parity at primary level has been achieved, with girls’ net enrolment rate at of 96.5% which is marginally higher than for boys (94%). Primary Completion Rates for both boys and girls continued to increase, moving from 52% in 2008 to 75.6% in 2010 with girls’ primary completion (79.8%) greater than for boys (71.4%).


The Ministry of Education has put in place a number of initiatives during 2010 to ensure gender parity and equity across the system, including tracking of key gender sensitive indicators through Education Management Information Systems as well as the elaboration and dissemination of the Girls Education Policy, in partnership with the UN.


The Education Sector Strategic Plan was finalized in 2010 with support from the UN, setting out the Ministry of Education’s key goals and strategies for next five years. It also sets specific targets which will be basis of monitoring and evaluating results.

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