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Project ID:00066143Description:TZA JP3 Support to HIV&AIDS na
Tanzania One UN Fund
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
JP3 Support to HIV&AIDS
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Tanzania Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Programme Description:

The joint programme is fully consistent with the UNDAF and the Government Priorities as expressed in the national poverty reduction strategies of MKUKUTA and MKUZA, as well as the National Multi-sectoral Strategic Framework (NMSF) on HIV and AIDS (2003-2007 and 2008 - 2012) and Zanzibar’s National Strategic Plan (ZNSP: 2004/5 -2008/9). It reflects joint UN Support to the national AIDS response in four main areas reflecting the broad priorities of the national strategic plans of both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar: Prevention; Care and Treatment; Impact Mitigation; Enabling Environment, and M&E.

The vision of the Joint Programme is to “build partnerships to provide an effective and sustainable national response to HIV and AIDS as ONE UN in line with national policies and strategies to scale up universal access to prevention, care and treatment and support in Tanzania”

Development Goal:

  • By 2010, increased access to sustainable income opportunities, productive employment and food security in the rural and urban areas.
  • By 2101, increased access to quality basic social services for all by focusing on the poor and most vulnerable
  • By 2010, democratic structures and systems of good governance as well as rule of law and the application of human rights, with a particular focus on the poor and vulnerable groups are strengthened.


  • Increased access to comprehensive prevention, care and treatment and impact mitigation services against HIV & AIDS and other major disease.


Outputs and Key Activities:


1. Prevention:

  • Rationale: Preventing new HIV infections remains the most effective approach to reversing the epidemic available today. 
  • Action: The UN Joint Programme prioritizes HIV prevention and supports partners to ensure the availability of comprehensive prevention services.  

2. Care, Treatment and Support:

  • Rationale: Care, treatment and support of people living with HIV are key components of effective and comprehensive AIDS programmes. 
  • Action: The UN Joint Programme assists the Government and its partners to provide quality care, treatment and support to people living with HIV. 

3. Impact mitigation: 

  • Rationale: The AIDS epidemic has severely impacted the lives of many and is causing widespread socioeconomic difficulties across all levels of society.
  • Action: The UN Joint Programme supports efforts to mitigate the negative effects of HIV on those infected and affected by strengthening coping mechanisms at all levels. 

4. Enabling environment: 

  • Rationale: An environment encompassing enabling attitudes, policies and practices is critical to stimulating and supporting an effective national AIDS response. 
  • Action: The UN Joint Programme helps the Government and its partners to create the conditions conducive to effective action on HIV and AIDS based on gender equity, human rights based approach and empowerment of the vulnerable and most at risk population groups. 


Procurement of services and commodities shall be based upon Government plans and costed activities.




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