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Project ID:00066144Description:TZA JP4 Capacity Strengthening
Tanzania One UN Fund
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
JP4 Cap Strengthening Dev.
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Tanzania Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Programme Description:

In recent years Tanzania has achieved impressive economic growth. However, capacity gaps – across sectors and all levels - remains a key impediment to further development of the country.

The Government has identified capacity strengthening as a key priority in its Decentralization-by-Devolution Policy. It is committed to working towards enhancing capacity at the regional, district and local government authority levels. At national level, capacity building include undertaking sectoral reforms to improve governance and make its public institutions, legal and financial systems more efficient and transparent. It intends to mainstream these reforms – where applicable – into the structures and systems of national, regional, district and local level Government.  

The UN is committed to supporting the Government to strengthen national capacity. This Joint Programme seeks to enhance national ownership and leadership of the development process by strengthening national capacity in three strategic areas:

  • Knowledge generation, analysis, and use;
  • Planning, budgeting and reporting;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and communication.


Development Goal:

Promoting sustainable and broad-based growth, and reducing income poverty if both men and women in rural and urban areas.

Structure and systems of governance as well as rule of law are democratic, participatory, representative, accountable and inclusive; and equitable allocation of public resources with corruption effectively addressed.



Increased adoption of equitable pro-poor and gender-sensitive economic polices and programmes.

Strengthened budget, planning & MKUKUAT/MKUZA Monitoring systems that foster participation and gender equality.

Outputs and Key Activities:


With the support of the UN Joint Programme, the Government is expected to:

  • Improve its capacity to deliver high-quality, timely and effective public services, both at the national and sub-national levels;
  • Enhance its ability to engage in meaningful dialogue both within Government and with non-state and development partners;
  • Address the capacity needs of non-state actors to actively and effectively participate in the development process by providing an enabling policy and institutional environment, appropriate public services, training and advisory support and by sharing relevant information with them.



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