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Project ID:00066146Description:TZA JP6.1 Northwestern Tanzani
Tanzania One UN Fund
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
JP6.1 North Western Tanzania
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Tanzania Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

JP 6.1 was designed to reintegrate refugee settlers from neighbouring Rwanda in North West Tanzania into Tanzanian communities by providing technical assistance and logistical support for effective transitioning from humanitarian assistance to mainstream economic development opportunities.


Key Achievements                                            

Rehabilitation of Infrastructural Assets in the Former Refugee Camps: infrastructural assets in former refugee camps and neighbouring communities were rehabilitated and delivery improved of social services such as health and education in the regions of Kagera (Ngara District) and Kigoma (Kigoma, Kasulu and Kibondo Districts).


Enhancement of Stakeholder Capacity in Small Scale Agro-Food Processing: stakeholder capacities in small scale agro-food processing and production have been enhanced by installation of a palm oil extraction machine and cassava processing plants. Marketing knowledge amongst target groups has been further strengthened after value chain analysis of priority commodities.


Strengthened Knowledge and Skills of Health Workers: knowledge and skills of health workers and community resources persons have been strengthened through further training in IMCI, immunization, paediatric HIV/AIDS care, management of malnutrition, infant and younger child feeding. At most of the rehabilitated health centres the dispensary is now ready to provide services.


Improvement in Quality of Education: teacher training in gender sensitive and child centred teaching as well as community awareness-raising through radio programmes has contributed to an improvement in the quality of education in the districts. Furthermore, as a result of the rehabilitation of the water system and training in management, water sanitation and hygiene conditions in schools and communities have improved. Also former refugee camps have been converted to boarding schools for use by communities.


Trained Government Officials in Gender Budgeting: 50 Government Officers involved in the preparation of budget plans/MTEFs have been trained in Gender mainstreaming planning and budgeting.


Increased Access to Justice for Most Vulnerable Children (MVC): this was achieved through advocacy and awareness raising on child abuse and exploitation, targeted for service providers, government leaders, MVCC and Child Justice Facilitators (CJF), with particular focus on establishing multi-sectoral child protection systems in the four districts in Kigoma. One functional child protection team has been established in Kigoma district; Kasulu will be functional by June 2011. MVC committees and CJF were established and trained in every village in Kigoma, Kasulu, Kibondo and Ngara districts to serve as focal points to identify the MVC, provide proper care and report abuse cases to the higher administrative level.


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