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Project ID:00066147Description:TZA JP6.2 Strengthening Natl D
Tanzania One UN Fund
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
JP6.2 Disaster Preparedness
End Date*: 31 Dec 2011
Country: Tanzania Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Programme Description:

This pilot programme lays the foundation for longer-term disaster management goals. These include: national ownership and sustainability; the direct funding of disaster preparedness activities; and the mainstreaming of disaster risk management into national development strategies such as MKUKUTA and MKUZA.

The programme addresses Tanzania’s presently low capacity in disaster preparedness and management. Persistent and emerging disaster risks have highlighted the need to strengthen national structures in order to prepare for potential disasters and to build the capacity to manage them effectively on all administrative levels of the society.


Development Goal:

Strengthen Government Capacity for Disaster Preparedness and Response.


  • National Disaster Risk Management in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar Strengthened
  • Strengthened preparedness and technical expertise to respond to epidemics and outbreaks. 


Outputs and Key Activities:


The Joint Programme aims:

  • To support acute disaster management efforts both on the mainland and on Zanzibar.
  • To support the Government to strengthen institutional, organizational and individual capacity to assess, prepare and manage disasters;
  • To enhance national capacity to reduce vulnerability and mitigate disasters;
  • To raise awareness of  disaster risks among the population;
  • To improve disaster management coordination between Government, NGOs and other key institutions and organizations;
  • To build Early Warning and Early Action Systems and practical preparedness plans into all administrative levels;
  • To mainstream disaster management activities into development programmes in all sectors.

Specifically the Joint Programme will:

  • Develop capacity for risk assessment, disaster preparedness and response;
  • Provide capacity support for acute incidents;
  • Develop an institutional framework for disaster risk management;
  • Strengthen inter-sector coordination;
  • Support mainstreaming of disaster planning and response into national, regional, district and community structures, policies and plans;
  • Strengthen disaster preparedness and response at district and community levels including through public awareness campaigns;
  • Strengthen implementation of the 2003/4 National Disaster Management Policy and 2002 Guidelines.


  • Pre-positioning of emergency supplies for 50,000 beneficiaries
  • Basic equipment for Disaster Management Departments
  • Surveillance materials and equipment for veterinary and health activities
  • Programme communication materials



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