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Project ID:00066148Description:TZA UNCMT Action Plan on Commu
Tanzania One UN Fund
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
JP8 Communication
End Date*: 31 Dec 2011
Country: Tanzania Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

JP 8 was developed as an initiative to ensure effective information on the change management process, promote collective UN staff support for DaO, and ensure greater emphasis on advocacy, communication for development and capacity building across the UNCT. Accordingly, the JP 8 delivers results across four areas: social policy advocacy with gender as a cross?cutting theme; capacity development of youth and the media; internal communication on the reform process; and communication for development.

Key Achievements:

Inter?Agency Advocacy Campaigns: despite a major shift in focus more than halfway through the programme cycle, the UNCG registered significant successes in its joint advocacy. Firstly, it increased the awareness of several target audiences regarding gender inequity; the gender .campaigns employed a range of print, audio and video communications to disseminate the principal messages. The advocacy campaigns also reinforced the DaO vision of communicating as One to secure a larger reach and increased visibility through a single, clear and consistent message around a particular issue.

UNCG Supported Capacity Building Workshops for Journalists in Investigative Reporting: through the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT), the UNCG supported training to improve Tanzanian journalists’ ability to conduct investigative reporting in a way that promotes development. UNCG also collaborated with the MCT to hold a symposium for journalists on World Press Freedom Day which resulted in media professionals from 9 countries issuing a declaration to high?level government officials in attendance on the importance of protecting of media freedoms.

Engagement with Youth Groups for Policy Advocacy: in 2010, the UNCG continued to strengthen its partnership with Tanzanian youth groups as a means to build their capacity to influence the national policy agenda. The Youth of the United Nations Tanzania (YUNA) were internationally recognized with a USD 28,000 grant from the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) to run a project they designed on ‘Youth involvement in peace, security and human rights.’ With the grant, YUNA trained 20 facilitators (11 women, 9 men) from media, NGOs, universities and secondary schools, to promote human rights, peace, security, democracy and good governance. This programme will have wide?reaching impact as the youth facilitators will in turn conduct trainings in their respective districts. The support YUNA has received from UNCG through constant engagement and inclusion in national development fora was reflected in the timeliness and relevance of their award?winning proposal. Also of note was the record number of young Tanzanian leaders participating in the 2010 Model UN to learn about and debate development challenges.

Communicating Development Issues through Celebration of Important Days: UNCG used the celebration of important international days such as the ‘Stand Up and Take Action Against Poverty’ and ‘World AIDS’ Days, not only to communicate about development issues in Tanzania but to use communication more strategically. For example, the commemorations were used to educate internal and external stakeholders on issues that influence poverty rates and the spread of HIV/AIDS, as well as the role that average Tanzanians can play in improving development outcomes and meeting the MDGs in country. While not directly linked to programme communications, these initiatives were seen as complementing if not supporting the UN’s programme delivery to reduce poverty and HIV/AIDS infection rates.

Source: 2010 Annual Progress Report

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