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Project ID:00066150Description:TZ JP Education
Tanzania One UN Fund
Start Date *: 14 Jul 2009
JP10 Education
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Tanzania Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

JP 10 Education aspires to two key results. The first seeks to enhance sector performance through implementation of an Education Sector Management Information System (ESMIS) and development of national and sub-national capacities for evidence-based decision making and planning. The second works to enhance the quality of teaching and learning as well as equity and inclusion in education sub-sectors.


Key Achievements

Building on the progress made in 2009, the key achievements can be summarised accordingly:

  • Establishment of VET/FE MIS and mainstreaming capacity development for use 
  • Establishment of HET- MIS and mainstreaming capacity development for use
  • Establishment of a Web-based ESMIS ‘communication space’
  • Piloting and testing of decentralized MIS for Basic Education (BE-MIS) and LL-MIS
  • Institutionalizing ESMIS National Technical Team
  • Completing a needs assessment to understand challenges and opportunities in science education in Tanzania
  • Supporting Government and stakeholders to produce a set of criteria for System Standards and protocols for Science Education in Tanzania, including due consideration of equity issues
  • Developing a three year plan for 392 primary schools in the 7 focus districts to raise educational  standards and address needs of marginalized prospective pupils
  • Reviewing Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Policy
  • Reviewing FDC curriculum and adding 40 demanded skills
  • Developing a new Integrated Post-Primary Education (IPPE) Curriculum package for Tanzania
  • Finalizing and approving INSET national strategy and operational plan by ESDC
  • Developing and testing INSET distance learning modules.

Source: 2010 Annual Progress Report

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