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Tools for » 66253 URY Support for the reform of the institutions for people deprived of liberty.
Project ID:00066253Description:URY 2010 L Ppl depvd of libty
Uruguay One UN Coherence Fund
Start Date *: 12 Jul 2010
URY One UN Coherence Fund
End Date*: 31 Dec 2012
Country: Uruguay Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Programme Description:

This programme was developed under the implementation of the Delivering as One approach in Uruguay as pilot country.


It was developed as one of the objectives of the UNDAF 2007-2010 and the One UN Programme 2007-2010 “Building Capacities for Development” in Uruguay. Subsequently, it was made part of the UNDAF 2011-2015 and the Action Plan.


Phase I of the joint programme supported the design of a mid to long-term policy for the reform of the penal justice system and the institutions that serve people deprived of liberty through a dialogue and exchange of information. In addition, the programme supported the rollout of a conditional release programme and alternatives to incarceration developed by the Government. Finally, it supported pilot initiatives on health, prevention on the use of addictive substances and the creation of productive enterprises.


Phase II (2012-2013) will continue supporting the reform process of the institutions of persons deprived of liberty and the civil penal code.  The national Rehabilitation Institute will be strengthened with a new organizational design, include gender conscientious approaches, coordinate the international cooperation it receives from other partners such as the European Union or Spanish Cooperation, and implement a communication strategy.  The Un System will also promote changes in the penal code including decent work alternatives for the persons deprived of liberty.  Finally, Phase II will generate a training programme focused on Human Rights, gender and decent work for penitentiary staff.

Development Goal: 

UNDAF (2007-2010) 4. By 2010, the country will have advanced in the adjustment of national legislation and practices to its international commitments, and in the strengthening of public and civil institutions for the design, execution, monitoring and evaluation of public policies.


UNDAF (2011-2015) Priority Area 4: Strengthen democratic governance at the national and local levels through public involvement, strengthening of State institutions and the comprehensive national human rights protection system, in accordance with the declarations and conventions ratified by Uruguay.


One UN Programme (2007-2010) Outcome 4.7 “Key strategic areas of work by the National Government on security and human rights have been strengthened.”


UNDAF (2011-2015) Outcome 4.5 The Government will have progressed in the design and implementation of policies for peaceful coexistence and public security and democratic control of defense matters.


UNDAP (2011-2015) Output 4.5.1 Processes and mechanisms for the Reform of the Criminal Sanctions System implemented.

Outputs and Key Activities:

Phase I (2010-2011):

1.      The process of reform and strengthening of the penitentiary system promoting dialogue to define a mid-term and long-term strategy for reforming the system has been supported.

2.      The execution and widening of alternate measures to depriving liberty have been supported.

3.      Improvements on the conditions of incarcerated persons through the development of pilot projects in health, drugs, education, and work have been supported.


Phase II (2012-2013):

1.      Support of the planning and strategic processes of the Institute of National Rehabilitation.

2.      Promote legal changes necessary for reforming the penitentiary system.

3.      Strengthen the technical capacities available to the penitentiary system and other strategic actors to address rehabilitation efforts within a Human Rights approach.


Procurement activities will be conducted through participating UN Organizations and the national implementing partners.

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