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Tools for » 66257 URY - Institutional strengthening of Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining and the Ministry of Housing, Land Use and Environment for responsible mining in Uruguay
Project ID:00066257Description:URY 2012 MIEM-MVOTMA
Uruguay One UN Coherence Fund
Start Date *: 10 Sep 2012
URY One UN Coherence Fund
End Date*: 31 Dec 2017
Country: Uruguay Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple


Within the framework of the Delivering as One Approach and the UNDAF/UNDAP 2011-2015, the Uruguayan Government and the UN System have endorsed the joint programme to strengthen the institutional capacity of the National Government in order to develop the mining industry in the country in a sustainable and responsible manner, taking into account the diverse value added that each UN Agency can provide.

Development Goal: 

 UNDAF 2011-2015 Priority Area 1: Promote the diversification of production and the country´s participation in the global economy, the growth of productive investment and greater incorporation of scientific and technological innovations in production processes, as pillars of economic development. The actions to be implemented in this area jointly by the United Nations, the Uruguayan Government and civil society aim to contribute to equitable and sustainable development at national, subnational and local levels.

UNDAF 2011-2015: Priority Area 2: Move towards the implementation of sustainable development models that will foster conservation of natural resources and ecosystems, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and use of renewable sources of energy with the aim of reducing social and environmental vulnerabilities and thus achieving greater social equity and environmental justice.

UNDAF Outcome: 
UNDAF 2011-2015 Outcome 1.1: The country will have designed policies and actions to diversify the structure of production and promote trade and investments in order to improve its participation in the global economy, in an equitable and sustainable manner.
UNDAF 2011-2015 Outcome 2.1: The Government, with the participation of civil society, will have designed, implemented and/or strengthened policies programmes and plans for the sustainable management of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity, and will have reduced social and environmental vulnerabilities and intergenerational inequities.

UNDAP Output: 

UNDAP 2011-2015 Output 1.1.1: Public and private sector’s capacities to transform the productive structure in an equitable and sustainable manner through the diversification of production and the addition of greater value are strengthened.

UNDAP 2011-2015 Output 1.1.2: Public and private sector’s capacity to implement policies and strategies that incorporate sustainable production and consumption practices are strengthened.

UNDAP 2011-2015 Output 2.1.1: Technical inputs are generated for the elaboration of policies and plans which address sustainable management of natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity at national and transnational levels.

Joint Programe's outputs and Key Activities:

1.      Design a development model and a road map for a responsible mining industry in the country and its insertion within the strategy of “Productive Uruguay” and “Natural Uruguay”.

2.      Strengthen the relevant institutions in order to achieve a responsible and efficient use of mining resources in Uruguay.

3.      Improve Government communications capabilities.


Procurement activities will be conducted through participating UN Organizations and the national implementing partners.


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