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Tools for » HS-BIH-002-048 (Bosnia & Herzegovina) Community Reconciliation through Poverty Reduction
Project ID:00067542Description:HS-BIH-002-048 (Bosnia&Herzeg)
UN Trust Fd for Human Security
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
UN Trust Fd for Human Security
End Date*: 31 Dec 2010
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Executive Summary from First Substantive Progress Report

1 November 2007 – 31 October 2008


The Community Reconciliation through Poverty Reduction Project, with funding from the United Nations Human Security Trust Fund (UNHSTF), takes a multidimensional approach to developing the tourism sector as a means to reconcile the differences between the ethnically divided communities of Mostar-Blagaj (Bosniak), Stolac (Croat) and Trebinje (Serb), within south-eastern Herzegovina.

One year has past since the signing of the donor agreement between UNDP and UNTFHS, with implementation accruing over the past six months. Delays were experienced after signature of the agreement with the donor in November 2007 – funds were received in February 2008 and signature of the project document by the government counterpart took place in May 2008. In this period, the project has managed to attain a number of key milestones, these are: i) the tendering of humanitarian demining contracts; ii) the tendering of waste collection equipment; iii) the issue and selection of the micro capital grants and iv) the preparation of tendering documentation for the restoration works of three monuments of cultural importance.


Attainment of these key milestones puts the CRPR on track to achieving the set targets in the project document.

Counterpart Cooperation with Government Institutions

The achievement attained in the first year of implementation is the culmination of activities conducted by the UNDP country office, the CRPR project team and the support of government institutions at the State and municipal levels. The project has enjoyed the full support of the municipalities, through, especially, the working groups and the local steering committee (for micro capital grants).


The project has engaged with a number of key actors, namely the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre (BH MAC), the UNDP Integrated Mine Action Project (IMAP) and Handicap International (an international NGO) for demining related activities, which has resulted in an increase of area demined within the project area.

Due to the cooperation efforts the CRPR is on track to demine an area close to twice the targeted area.

Waste Management

The capacity to deal with waste issues at the local level is set to increase as the CRPR project delivers on: i) waste collection equipment, ii) recycling yards that would help promote proper waste management skills, iii) clearance of illegal dump sites and iv) increased awareness among the wider community. The project has already issued the tender for the procurement of waste collection equipment and selected the winning bidder.

Income Generation through Poverty Reduction

The main mechanism for realizing income generating activities is the issuance of micro capital grants through a call for applications (CFA) targeted at non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations within the project area. The CFA was issued with a total of 20 organizations applying for micro capital grants. The minimum of eight micro grant projects is expected to be reached within the first CFA. A second CFA may be called in 2009, pending the availability of funds.


Cultural Heritage

Research on the available technical documentation is complete and technical documentation is under way.

Finalization of the technical documents will be followed by the organization of the tender procedure, which is expected to take place in Q1 2009.

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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Bosnia and Herzegovina or the lead agency for the programme.

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