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Project ID:00070799Description:JPC1-Disaster Risk Manangement
Pakistan One Fund
Start Date *: 26 Nov 2009
JP Disaster Risk Mangt
End Date*: 31 Dec 2010
Country: Pakistan Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

JP2 on Disaster Risk Management

JPC1 Disaster Risk Management:

A major focus of activities in 2010 under JPC1 Disaster Risk Management was on strengthening Disaster Management Authorities in disaster preparedness and response. At the national level key results included the establishment of an E-Office, Media Wing and Project Cell for the NDMA, and a National Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Network. At sub national levels, PDMAs and DDMAs were supported through capacity building, study visits, and provision of equipment and warehouse facilities (for NDMA and PDMAs Sindh and Balochistan). Support at sub-national level also included the appointment of 29 District DRM Coordinators, training courses on DRM in all four provinces for government officials and I/NGOs, and training manuals in Urdu and/or English on flood, cyclone and earthquake mitigation, DRM and disaster reporting.

In terms of policy and planning mechanisms for DRM, key achievements include the development and training for a Mass Casualty Management Plan, and the drafting of 15 DRM district plans. DRM is also being mainstreamed into policy and planning processes through technical assistance to the Planning Commission for PC-1 revision, preparation of DRR checklists, and a chapter on DRR in the draft 10th Five-Year Plan. Other ministries targeted for DRM mainstreaming include Housing and Works, Water and Power, Industries and Production, Defence, Food and Agriculture, Education, Health, and Communication. In all cases, strategies and guidelines for DRM mainstreaming were developed, and in some cases DRM training courses were held.

 Source: Pakistan One Programme Annual Report 2010


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