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Project ID:00070806Description:JPC1-Strengthend & Operat Inst
Pakistan One Fund
Start Date *: 26 Nov 2009
Environmental Management
End Date*: 31 Dec 2016
Country: Pakistan Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple


Joint Programme Component 1: Institutional Strengthening, Policy Implementation and Environmental Awareness

JP Outcome 1.1: Institutional mechanisms for integrated environmental management strengthened and operational.


Programme Vision: “to provide an effective and sustained improvement in Integrated Environmental Management in Demonstration Regions towards the achievement of MDG7A and 7B.”

Objective: To “improve lives and living conditions of the poor, vulnerable and marginalised communities in demonstration regions through an integrated and effective environmental management systems in Pakistan”.   

Pakistan has a number of policies and strategies for the management of its environment, i.e. the National Environment Policy, National Conservation Strategy, National Environment Action Plan, Forest Policy and National Sanitation Policy. However, the implementation of these polices remains an issue due to weak institutional capacities, inadequate resources, absence of coordination among major ministries of the government and lack of integration of environmental concerns within key sectors of the economy.

The primary and direct beneficiaries of JPC-1 would be the national and provincial institutions, poor and vulnerable communities, i.e. workers, especially women and children. Programme outcomes will directly contribute to the MDGs: Goal I: Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, Goal III: Promoting gender equality and women empowerment, and Goal VII: Ensuring environmental sustainability.

The Env-JP is in line with and contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the country UNDAF Review for Environment and key national policies and priorities. This is a logical outcome of the Environment Situation Analysis and the UNDAF Review for Environment carried out in 2007. It also supports Pakistan fulfil international obligations as a signatory to major environmental treaties and agreements (such as: Goal 7 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and various UN Conventions).

Briefly, the Env-JP intends to work towards the programme goal of creating an “enabling environment for improved environmental management and development” through implementation of various programme components involving various UN agencies and partners.

The cost of degraded environment in terms of loss of GDP and the long term economic and financial benefits of improved environment are yet to be understood fully by key decision makers.

The “business case” for environment (i.e. showing that it makes good economic sense to invest in environmental conservation) is still to be made before it attracts the attention of all major stakeholders, particularly those with authority over resource allocation and strategic decision making.

UN support under this JPC would adopt a rights-based approach while being aligned directly with the National Environment Policy, National Perspective Plans, Vision 2030, National MDGs targets, United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, national targeted programmes and provincial and district level plans and programmes to conserve environment.

 Source: Pakistan One Programme Annual Report 2010

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