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Project ID:00070812Description:JPC2-Communicable Disease Cont
Pakistan One Fund
Start Date *: 26 Nov 2009
Comm. Disease Contr
End Date*: 31 Dec 2010
Country: Pakistan Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   WHO - World Health Organization

The Joint Program on Health and Population

 JPC2 Communicable Disease Control:

 Under JPC2 Communicable Disease Control support was provided for Immunization, TB and Malaria Control, Hepatitis prevention activities, and integrated communicable disease surveillance through the Disease Early Warning System (DEWS). In flood-affected districts, 8 million children were vaccinated against measles and polio. In view of rising number of polio cases, the National Emergency Action Plan for Polio Eradication to interrupt transmission by end 2011 was developed and adopted to overcome the barriers to interrupting polio virus circulation and enhance government oversight of the program. Through concerted efforts of the national and provincial TB programs with support of WHO, around 80% of an estimated 20,000 TB patients under treatment displaced by the floods could be retrieved and continue theirtreatment. The One UN plan to prevent Hepatitis B and C specifically focused on rational use of injections and decreasing the re-use of injections while training health care providers on infection control, hospital waste management and injection safety. A sharp rise in malaria incidence observed in all flood-affected districts was combated by WHO and UNICEF support for provision of Long Lasting Insectide Impregnated bedNets (LLINs) for prevention of malaria. In 2010 during the Flood Emergency, Disease Early Warning System (DEWS) reported Daily and Weekly on over 8 million consultations and responded within 24 hours to 323 alerts, especially for cholera, malaria, and measles.

Source: Pakistan One Programme Annual Report 2010

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