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Project ID:00071610Description:PBF/SLE/A-6 Attitudinal and Be
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 7 Jul 2009
Democratic Governance -W1
End Date*: 30 Jun 2010
Country: Sierra Leone Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   IOM - International Org Migration

Project Description:

One of the causative factors of the decade long civil war is the negative attitude of Sierra Leoneans towards state property and the citizenry. It is the view of government to change this negative trend by re-orientating the minds of our citizens through continuous engagement and discussions on the need to change their attitude towards work, authority, state property and fellow citizens.  There are challenges the country needs to overcome in order to achieve the intended goal, principal among these is the fear of change manifested by the tendency for Sierra Leoneans to continue doing things that are not in the interest of the country.

Pursuant to H.E Ernest Bai Koroma’s inaugural message at the national Stadium on 15th November, 2007, the concept of Attitudinal and Behavioral Change that formed the core value of his address needs to be actualized. Sierra Leoneans must examine themselves vis-à-vis the parlous state of the country and move towards a positive direction. In other words the concept of positive attitude towards state property, state institutions, authority and fellow countrymen and women must be inherent in us.

The main goal of attitudinal change is to get Sierra Leoneans to change their attitudes to enable them transform their country form a failed state to a peaceful progressive and united nation.



Attitudinal change among citizens for enhanced commitment to peace building and national development.


Key Objectives:

1.         Promote a sense of civic responsibility among the citizenry.

2.         Promote the spirit of nationalism for improved tolerance and social cohesion in communities.

3.         Create conducive environment for investment.

4.         Strengthen the capacity of The Attitudinal Change Secretariat within the Ministry of Information and Communication for effective and efficient delivery of objectives 1-3 stated above



1          Citizens understand their roles and responsibilities, and exercise their rights.

2          Sierra Leoneans demonstrate responsibility and commitment to upholding the laws, values and ideals which promote peaceful coexistence and development in their country.

3          Increased level of investment in major sectors of the economy.

4          The Attitudinal Change Secretariat capacitated for project implementation. 



1.         Increased awareness among citizens about their civic responsibilities.

2.         Improved relationships and tolerance among different political and ethnic groups through dialogue.

3.         Increased investment and improved business climate.


Key Activities:

Output 1-Activities

1.1       Organise nationwide dialogue fora between Government and citizens on civic roles and responsibilities (i.e. via radio, TV)

1.2       Develop and disseminate civic education messages (i.e. posters, bill boards, drama, songs etc)

1.3  Attitudinal Change in Schools programme

Output 2 - Activities

2.1 Organise solidarity events for divergent groups at community level.

2.3 Develop and disseminate messages on tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Output 3 - Activities

3.1 Develop promotional materials depicting an improvement in attitude meant to attracting investment.

Output 4 - Activities

            Support to key personnel of The Attitudinal Change Secretariat.

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