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Project ID:00072042Description:MDTF MWI CL5 WOMENS EMPOWERMEN
Malawi One UN Fund
Start Date *: 14 Sep 2009
Good Governance
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Malawi Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDP - UNDP(MDTF/PUNO only).

Programme Justification

Malawi as a country has not done well in comparison to other countries in SADC and globally on the representation and participation of women in politics and other echelons of power. For example, the 2004 General Elections yielded only 14% of female MPs despite the fact that the country is a party to a number of instruments that promote gender equality. Further commitment by the Government has been demonstrated in National legal and policy frameworks like the Malawi Constitution and the National Gender Policy and Programme. To a larger extent, these commitments are mere rhetoric as the country has failed to balance up the male and female representation in positions of power.

To ensure Malawi get a considerable number of women in the May 2009 Elections, The government of Malawi national programme on increasing women participation in politics (2008-2009) was developed. The Programme is aimed at achieving 50% female representation in politics.


Objectives of the 50-50 Programme

7.2.1.   To create awareness to communities (men, women, boys and girls) throughout Malawi  on the need of  voting for women candidates by 2009

7.2.2     To lobby the political leadership in all registered political parties in Malawi to provide the political space to women aspirants, by 2009.

7.2.3     To enhance the skills and confidence to run effective campaigns of all aspiring women MP’s and Councillors in all the constituencies throughout Malawi by April 2009

7.2.4     To increase the resource base of women aspirants by December 2008


Proposed Intervention- Description

Since the Launch of the Programme in July 2008, Various Civil Society Organisation have been implementing the activities in the National Programme in readiness for the May 2009 Elections. Some of the activities already implemented in the Programme are as follows:

-Community mobilization in constituencies

-Lobby meetings with political leadership including Presidents of political parties

-Capacity building trainings with women aspirants

-Monitoring primary elections

-Media interface forum where women aspirants were interfacing with the media


Unfunded activities

To ensure that the Programme achieves the set targets, there is need for the One UN fund to support the implementation of the following strategic unfunded activities:

  • Further Community mobilization to convince the electorate to cast their vote for a female candidate
  • Implementation of a communication strategy (which will profile Female candidates in Print and electronic Media as well as support the Women Aspirants with Campaign)
  • Further support to Coordination Unit to effectively monitor implementation




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