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Project ID:00072056Description:PBF/GNB/E-1 Guinea Bissau - Na
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 17 Aug 2009
Public Administration-W1
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Guinea-Bissau Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDP - UNDP(MDTF/PUNO only).

Project Description (Extension USD 531,347 - Jan 2012/Dec 2013):

Support to National/Joint PBF Steering Committee from January 2012 to December 2013.


PBF Priority Area(s) and Outcomes:

Priority Area 4: Public Administration

Outcome:  PBF funds managed transparently, strategically, cost-effectively and catalytically maximizing PB opportunities. 


Outputs and Key Activities:

Output 1:  National Steering Committee and Technical Review Group effectively oversee the implementation of the 2nd PBF allocation

Key Activities:

  • Support to the National Steering Committee
  • Support to the Technical Review Group
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of Joint Programmes under the 2nd PBF allocation
  • Provide guidance on MDTF and PBF procedures and requirements
  • Communication activities related to the PBF and PBC

Output 2: PBF National Secretariat established as a local repository of knowledge, lessons learned and institutional memory regarding PBC/PBF engagement in Guinea-Bissau.

Key Activities:

  • Maintain and update an archive of PBF and PBC-related documents
  • Document and preserve a record of lessons learned
  • Actively promote a better understanding and increased visibility of the PBF and PBC in Guinea Bissau

Output 3: Capacity of national government counterpart (Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Integration) to oversee the implementation of the 2nd PBF allocation strengthened.

Key activities:

  • Actively partner with MEPIR in all aspects of Secretariat activity




Project Description (Extension USD 55,215 - Jan 2011/Mar 2011):

Support to National/Joint PBF Steering Committee durig the First Quarter of 2011.

Note: this is an extension of the PBF Secretariat project for Guinea Bissau approved in August 2009. It is meant to ensure continuing support to the PBF Steering Committee until the arrival of the second allocation to Guinea Bissau and the development of a new (three-year) project.


PBF Priority Area(s) and Outcomes:

Public Administration

A well functioning national PBF Secretariat will support the effectiveness of decision-making through the NAtional Stering Committee (NSC)


Outputs and Key Activities:

During the First Quarter of 2011, the Secretariat will focus on two key Outputs:

(1) Projects under the first PBF allocation successfully concluded

  • Reports completed
  • M&E carried out at project and allocation level

(2) Implementation of the second PBF allocation launched

  • Guidelines developed
  • Time-lines developed
  • Selection criteria developed
  • Strategy approved by the Steering Committee and process launched



Project Description:

Support to Guinea-Bissau National PBF Secretariat 2009.


Peacebuilding Goal:

A well functioning National PBF Secretariat will support the effectiveness of decision-making through the National Steering Committee (NSC).

Immediate Objective:

PBF Guinea-Bissau National Secretariat is able to respond to all NSC demands and emerging challenges.


Outputs and Key Activities:


At least three PBF Guinea-Bissau National Secretariat staff trained and functional in conflict-sensitivity and peacebuilding in Guinea-Bissau;

At least three PBF Guinea-Bissau National Secretariat staff trained in basic mediation techniques; PBF Guinea-Bissau National Secretariat work plan and systems in place.



PBF concept notes/project proposals called for, received, compiled, analyzed;

PBF Projects Review Technical Teams convened, comments sought and compiled;

Support to PBF National Steering Committee;

Record keeping and compilation of PBF related reports (verified by UN counterparts);

Monitoring and reporting for all PBF projects elaborated on a timely manner;

Evaluation of selected PBF projects and overall PB efforts performed;

Increased public and donor community awareness of peacebuilding issues.


Indicator and Benchmarks:

At least three staff members are hired and trained;

PBF projects reports elaborated on a timely manner.

Office set up and continued functioning;

PBF projects implemented, monitored and evaluated.



UNDP’s rules and procedures.


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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Guinea-Bissau or the lead agency for the programme.

The person with GATEWAY access rights to upload and maintain documents for the programme:

  • Jade-Mali Mizutani, Special Assistant to DSRSG/RC/RR; Telephone: 245 643 51 17; Email:; Skype: jademali
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