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Tools for » PBF/EMER-12 Critical intervention to strengthen corrections facilities, addressing immediate security threat, and supporting the rule of law (Liberia)
Project ID:00072107Description:PBF/EMER-12 Liberia Rule of La
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 24 Aug 2009
PBF Immediate Response
End Date*: 31 Jul 2010
Country: Liberia Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNOPS - UN Office for Project Services

Project Description:

The emergency project will enhance security and support the rule of law at corrections facilities in Liberia, concentrating on Monrovia Central Prison (Mep), anti Sanniquellie as the most at risk.

Security equipment and transport will be provided. The Liberian National Police (LNP) Police

Support Unit (PSU) will be strengthened to provide assistance to prison perimeter security and other primary operational PSU duties. Additional corrections officers will be trained; a new corrections facility will be built at Sanniquellie meeting the needs of the county and assisting national prison population management.


Peacebuilding Goal:

Improving correction facilities to enhance security and support the: rule of law, with a view towards promoting public safety and justice and enhancing public trust.


Immediate Objective:

I. Security of corrections facilities enhanced.

2. Respect for the rule of law improved in correction facilities, by way of assisting with access to justice, and provision of humane conditions.


Outputs/Key Activities:


• Enhanced security and respect for the rule of law at corrections facilities around the country, concentrating particularly upon Monrovia Central Prison, and Sanniquellie as the most at risk.

• Improved professional capacity of Liberian corrections officers, including reduction in


• A new 72 bed corrections facility at Sanniquellie meeting needs of Nirnba prisoners and national population control.


• Corrections facilities provided with security equipment and secure transport for prisoners and staff.

• LNP PSU provided with necessary equipment and transport to assist with prison perimeter security; and strengthen capacity for primary PSU duties.

• Additional 50 corrections officers identified and trained.

• Identified site in Sanniquellie cleared, facility constructed, prisoners moved and old facility closed down. Prisoners from elsewhere may be moved to new facility in Sanniquellie as part of prison population management to reduce overcrowding.


Procurement: UNOPS

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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Liberia or the lead agency for the programme.

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