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Project ID:00072449Description:UN-REDD Vietnam
UN REDD Programme Fund
Start Date *: 3 Oct 2009
End Date*: 30 Jun 2012
Country: Viet Nam Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

The UNFCCC conference in Bali recognized Viet Nam as one of the top five most affected countries in the world as a result of climate change.  Viet Nam is one of nine countries identified for country programming under UN-REDD programme and was also one of the first countries to receive approval for an R-PIN under the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF).

Although not suffering from excessive levels of deforestation typical of some other countries in the region, deforestation is locally significant in Viet Nam, especially in the Central Highlands.  Furthermore, the quality of natural forests continues to be more fragmented and degraded. Over two-thirds of Viet Nam’s natural forests are considered poor or regenerating, while rich and closed-canopy forest constitutes only 4.6 percent (in 2004) of the total.

Fast economic growth within the country and the drive to export commodities is an underlying driver of change within Viet Nam. There are growing efforts by the authorities to combat these problems but the pressures are intensifying. If the value of the forest is able to compare with that of the alternatives, then this could act as a strong incentive to arrest these trends.

The UN-REDD Programme for Viet Nam seeks to address deforestation and forest degradation through capacity building at national and local levels.  Firstly, it will build capacity at the national level to permit the Government of Viet Nam, and especially the REDD focal point in the Department of Forestry (DoF) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), to coordinate and manage the process of establishing tools to implement a REDD programme.  Secondly, it will build capacity at local levels (provincial, district and commune) through pilots in two districts in Lam Dong province that demonstrate effective approaches to planning and implementing measures to reduce emissions.

The Objective of the UN-REDD Viet Nam Programme is “To assist the Government of Viet Nam in developing an effective REDD regime in Viet Nam and to contribute to reduction of regional leakage.”  This will contribute to the broader Goal of ensuring that “By the end of 2012 Viet Nam is REDD-ready and able to contribute to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation nationally and regionally.”

In order to secure this Objective, three Outcomes and associated Outputs will be pursued:

Outcome 1: Improved institutional and technical capacity for national coordination to manage REDD activities in Viet Nam

Output 1.1: National coordination mechanism

Output 1.2: National reference scenario for REDD

Output 1.3: Framework National REDD Program (Strategy)

Output 1.4: Performance-based, transparent benefit sharing payment system from national to local levels

Output 1.5: Communications materials for sharing lessons internationally

Outcome 2: Improved capacity to manage REDD and provide other Payment for Ecological Services at district-level into sustainable development planning and implementation

Output 2.1: Provincial and district-level forest land-use plan mainstreaming REDD potential

Output 2.2: Participatory C-stock monitoring system

Output 2.3: Equitable and transparent benefit sharing payment systems

Output 2.4: Awareness-raising at provincial, district and local levels

Outcome 3: Improved knowledge of approaches to reduce regional displacement of leakage

Output 3.1: Quantification of regional displacement of emissions risk

Output 3.2: Regional dialogue on displacement of emissions risk

Output 3.3: Analysis of opportunities for linkage with non-REDD initiatives to reduce cross-border flow of illegal timber

For more information on the programmatic and techical aspects of this programme, please see the UN-REDD website.

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