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Project ID:00073285Description:PNG W1: 2.3 Child Protection
PNG UN Country Fund
Start Date *: 14 Dec 2009
Foundations for human developm
End Date*: 31 Dec 2012
Country: Papua New Guinea Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund

Window 1 : Foundations for human development

UNCP Outcome 2: By 2012, children, youth,women and men benefit from basic quality health, education and protection.

 2.3 Child protection

Intermediate Outcome 3: By 2012, vulnerable children and youth will experience improved access to quality basic social services, including welfare and justice services, particularly in rural and isolated areas.

UN comparative advantage

The UN system, particularly UNICEF, has a global mandate to promote child protection initiatives in developing countries. In Papua New Guinea, UNICEF is the only multilateral or bilateral agency investing in rights-based child protection. It has achieved results in the areas of child rights monitoring, legislative support, juvenile justice, and capacity building for child protection.

Proposed UN system support

The UN system, particularly UNICEF, seeks to strengthen national capacity in the areas of (i) the protective environment, so as to strengthen individuals, communities and Government systems to protect children’s well-being and enable them to enjoy their rights as enshrined in the CRC ; (ii) justice for children, to strengthen the capacity of the juvenile justice system to assist children and adolescents, so that crime witnesses or offenders can have access to a child-friendly justice system; and (iii) Child protection, so as to increase protection for children vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation and identification. DCD capacity to embed an effective child protection system at national, provincial, district and community levels will be strengthened with operational plans, staff training and technical assistance to implement the new child protection legislation. The causes of vulnerability will be identified through national and local level situational assessments. Village level protection systems will be further enhanced through the capacity development of the village courts system to deliver rights based justice and leadership.

Partnership development

UNICEF will work with DCD, DJAG, the Law and Justice Sector and other appropriate departments in the implementation of child protection support, in conjunction with AusAID.


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