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Project ID:00074588Description:KGZ (Soc Serv) - Prevention/Re
Kyrgyzstan One Fund
Start Date *: 22 Mar 2010
Social Services
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Kyrgyzstan Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNHCR - UN High Commissioner for Refug

The aim of the project is to develop a proactive mechanism to identify stateless persons, make them aware of their rights and duties, and grant them access to obtain citizenship documentation of the Kyrgyz Republic. It includes the drafting and adoption of necessary by-laws and instructions, ongoing research to identify stateless persons and citizenship problems, consultative mechanisms at the technical and higher political/government level to review citizenship policy (including a National Action Plan to Prevent and Reduce Stateless in the Kyrgyz Republic that was developed by UNHCR supported inter-Ministerial and -agency Working Group of Experts and adopted by a High Level Meeting by Ministries and Parliamentarians under the auspices of the Presidential Administration and UNHCR on 22 September 2009 in Bishkek) and its implementation as well as support to an effective system for processing citizenship applications from stateless persons:

  • Government agencies (Citizenship Commission, State Registration Service), develop and adopt legal instruments to identify stateless persons and expedite the processing of their citizenship claims.
  • Government agencies build adequate capacities to process high numbers of citizenship applications by stateless persons.
  • NGO and local authorities effectively assist stateless persons in filing citizenship claims.
  • Stateless persons are aware of their rights and duties and of relevant procedures to obtain Kyrgyz citizenship.
  • Implementation of the Citizenship Law as well as relevant international standards is ensured through these measures and the creation of a proper comment to a/m legislation.
  • Further information on the citizenship situation is obtained through adequate analyses of the 2009 national census and additional specialized survey’s and researches.
  • The implementation of the project is supervised and reviewed through regular consultations at the expert/WG and the higher legislative and executive level.
    • The current figure of stateless persons is greatly reduced while the creation of new cases of statelessness is being prevented.


Stateless persons are categorized as one of the most disadvantage/vulnerable groups of the population. Thus supporting this group fits within the interventions of Delivery as One that was designed to prevent potential serious humanitarian consequences.


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