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Viet Nam One Plan Fund II
Start Date *: 10 Aug 2010
OP 2006 Social Economic Policy
End Date*: 30 Jun 2012
Country: Viet Nam Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDP - UNDP(MDTF/PUNO only).

Social Economic Policy

Viet Nam has developed and is implementing the SEDP 2006 – 2010, national strategies and sectoral plans such as the National Strategies on Population and Reproductive Health Care (2001 – 2010), the Safe Motherhood Action Plan and the National Plan of Action for Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health Care 2006 – 2010, National Strategy on Employment, Narcotic Drugs Prevention and Control Master Plan to 2010, National Plan of Action on Prevention and Combating against Trafficking of Women and Children 2004 – 2010, and the National Strategy on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control till 2010 with a vision to 2020, and its first 5-year SME Development Plan 2006 – 2010, with consultation, input and support by Participating UN Agencies.

The Government has developed and updated national social economic indicators, improved data reporting, carried out research, and submitted reporting under several international treaties such as CEDAW and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

The UN has provided input and supported the development of several laws such as the Enterprise Law and the Investment Law (2005), the Law on Prevention and Suppression of Corruption (2005), the Youth Law (2005), the Education Law (2005), the Law on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control (2006), the Gender Equality Law (2006) and the Domestic Violence Law (2007), Law on Protection, Education, and Care of Children (2004) and in general legislation aimed at enhancing the ability of the economic sectors to respond to opportunities offered by a new market environment, while providing support to the formulation of more equitable policies. National legislation and associated implementing regulations has been harmonised with international standards and the Participating UN Organizations have actively worked with the Government to help prepare and support Government-donor partnerships and related strategic frameworks.

The Government reviewed the National Targeted Programme (NTP) on Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction (HEPR) and “Programme 135” (focused on the poorest communes, mostly with ethnic minority people), followed by a collaborative design process for the 2006 – 2010 phase of these NTPs, with active UN support. Participating UN Organizations have also supported capacity development of public, private and NGO stakeholders at central, provincial and local levels, including initiatives aimed at enhancing capacity for job and income creation through voluntary contribution, private sector development, in particular for small and medium enterprises and women entrepreneurs, building up of international standards and technical capacities in metrology, and quality testing and management essential for industrialization and trade.

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