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Project ID:00075141Description:60736 - OPF2 of 66446
Viet Nam One Plan Fund II
Start Date *: 10 Aug 2010
OP 2006 Social Economic Policy
End Date*: 30 Jun 2012
Country: Viet Nam Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDP - UNDP(MDTF/PUNO only).

The IU is to produce the expected results 1.14.1 lOP under the One Plan's Output 1.14 [OPI 1.9]"Understanding of challenges improved and policy options identiftied to respond 10 socioeconomic impacts of globalization and integration, and morc equitable distribution of the benefits from participation in international economy promoted" and Outcome I "Social and economic development policies, plans and laws support equitable and inclusive growth and confonn to the values and goals of the Millennium Declaration and other relevant intemational agreements and conventions"

 The AWP directly contributes to the how it Viet Nam national Socio-Economic Development Strategy 2011-2020 which addresses many issues concerning MIC status.

The IU's proposed dcliverables directly contribute to the SEDS 2011 -2020 as inputs for the national development formulation process of the Strategy.

 The AWP will directly support the setting/development of national agency/s will support the development priorities for the next achievement of national ten years.

The AWP contributes to the development or(i) harmonized (and or international standards) National, development to address sectorial and local Statistical Systems; (ti) National Statistical Rcronn Strategy and (i ii) improved systems addressed. ror data collection, storage and dissemination, aiming at ensuring wide accessibility of various data users, including policy makers and researchers to timely and good quality statistical data that are crucial for evidence-based policy research and formulation, socia-economic development planning and monitoring the progress towards SED targets and MDGs as Vietnam reaching MIC.

The IU's/AWP's deliverables (Y2 point) (National Statistical reform strategy Actions Plan, harmonized NSIS, national development Data storage and dissemination  are of the SEOP's, priority, are contributing to the the MDGs, other Statistical Sector's strategy, and international treaty aiming al improving VN's ability to monitor VOGs and MDGs, for strategic plannmQ These also contribute to VN's international agreements on data dissemination and reporting on MDGs.  The AWP will support the achievement of the national development priorities through achievement of national improving the national capacity in monitoring the development progress  producing and disseminating data explanation and reference to needed for making development the AWP (or equivalent) as plans and policies as appropriate.

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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Viet Nam or the lead agency for the programme.

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