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UN Action Agst Sexual Violence
Start Date *: 29 Jul 2010
UN Action Against Sexual Viole
End Date*: 1 Feb 2012
Country: United Nations Project Status: Operationally Closed
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The goal of this project is to enable the Secretary-General, as expeditiously as possible, to implement operative paragraph 8 of Security Council resolution 1888 by establishing a Team of Experts which could be rapidly deployed to “situations of particular concern with respect to sexual violence in armed conflict”.   The requested funding from the UN Action Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) for an initial period of six months would cover the personnel and travel costs of the Team Leader and three Experts, one each from DPKO, OHCHR and UNDP respectively, and would serve as a “bridge” to catalyse more sustainable sources of funding for the Team.  The funds would also enable the Norwegian Refugee Council to carry out a scoping study to examine existing expert rosters and assess whether an entirely new roster would be needed to support the Team of Experts.


Project results

Output 1: Team of Experts established

The TOE became fully operational in May 2011 and is currently composed of a Team leader who reports to the SRSG-SVC, and members from DPKO, OHCHR and UNDP with dual reporting lines to the Team Leader and the respective entities. The Team Leader joined in mid-January 2011, the UNDP member joined in February 2011, the DPKO member joined at the end of March 2011, and the OHCHR member joined in mid-May 2011. The TOE’s administrative assistant also joined the Team in March 2011. The TOE identified the following thematic areas of focus: criminal investigations and prosecutions; collection, analysis and use of forensic evidence; military justice (systems, investigations and prosecutions); criminal law reform and procedural law reform; witness, victim and justice operator protection; as well as justice and security sector oversight systems / bodies. The TOE further developed a new joint programme, a resource mobilisation strategy and a number of operational tools, including reporting templates, comprehensive country files, and outreach materials.

Output 2: Team of Experts prepped and deployed to "situations of particular concern"

In undertaking its mandate, the Team continues to follow globally “situations of particular concern” with respect to conflict-related sexual violence. The Team has so far carried out missions to DRC (February 2011); Liberia (April – May 2011); South Sudan (June 2011); and Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone and Cote d’Ivoire (November 2011). In all these visits, the TOE has worked in close cooperation with UN colleagues on the ground to ensure that its dedicated expertise builds on and complements existing initiatives in responding to sexual violence.

Output 3: SRSG and Team of Experts supported in their work through resource mobilization, establishment of a roster, if necessary, and awareness raising activities  

Resource Mobilization

During the reporting period, the Team developed a resource mobilisation strategy, the principal objective of which was to guide the TOE in reaching current and future funding targets. Based on this strategy, the Team was able to mobilize an additional $2.1 million for the second phase of the Joint Programme.

Roster of Experts

The TOE, working through UNDP, contracted the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in April 2011 to undertake a scoping study of expert rosters to determine the relevance and the practicality of using UN roster systems and to provide recommendations on the best method for identifying and recruiting consultants to complement the capacity of the TOE. Based on NRC’s findings and after consultation with different entities, the Team proposed to work through the UNDP Express Roster platform. This proposal was in part based on UNDP’s experience in managing rosters, UNDP’s willingness to adapt its roster to the needs of the Team of Experts, and the rosters overall relevance and approach as compared to the work and needs of the Team of Experts. In December 2011, the TOE Advisory Group agreed to the proposal to use the UNDP Express Roster platform as the primary roster mechanism for the TOE.

Awareness Raising

The Team participated in a number of outreach and awareness raising activities including a High-Level Mini-Summit, donor conferences, UN Action meetings and AU-UN meetings. The Team also conveyed a number of meetings to foster engagement with NGOs, Member States and UN partners. To enhance awareness raising, the Team developed outreach materials including a one page summary sheet and a progress report.

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