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Tools for » UNPFN/C-2 Piloting Land Registration and Preliminary Land Management Intervention in Selected Parts of Achham DIstrict (FAO)
Project ID:00075802Description:UNPFN/C-2 Land Registration
Nepal UN Peace Fund
Start Date *: 13 Jul 2010
End Date*: 31 Jan 2011
Country: Nepal Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   FAO - Food and Agriculture Organizat

Project description:

This proposal results from the discussions held during the Land Policy Consultation Workshop organized by MOLR&M with the support of FAO, in Kathmandu, 23-25 February, 2010.

Achham district has suffered a lot during the conflict. All land records in the district level offices in this district have been destroyed. Therefore, it has been felt necessary to pilot an operational/applied research, where the implications of trying to replace the land records destroyed during the conflict in the district could be explored. The lessons of this district level research will be fed into the national-level policy/deliberations.

The project will start recovery of the basic records for land registration, together with the field survey by using GPS. The field work will allow making concrete proposals for the delivery of new land certificates to the local lawful land owners and land tillers.


Peacebuilding Impact:

Widespread tenure insecurity is one of the key aspects to be addressed as part of the overall Scientific Land Reform program. This project will contribute through the elaboration of concrete proposals for new land certificates to ensure adequate level of tenure security of women and men tested in a pilot area


Project Outcome(s):

Exploring the implications of trying to replace destroyed land records during the conflict in the district and making concrete proposals for new land certificates by creating minimum consensus for proactive land management intervention (participatory land use planning)


Outputs and key activities:

Output 1: Concrete proposals (with due considerations given to gender dimension) for replacing land records destroyed during the conflict

Output 2: Basic conditions brought in place for future participatory land use planning


Indicator and benchmarks:

(1) The options identified and recommendations provided to the MOLR&M for replacing land certificates; and

(2): An agreed (by government bodies, CSOs/NGOs and other actors) proposal to address the land use planning of the district following an inclusive and participatory approach as a follow-up of this land registration pilot exercise

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