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Project ID:00076111Description:UN-REDD International Support
UN REDD Programme Fund
Start Date *: 20 Aug 2010
UN REDD Global
End Date*: 16 Apr 2012
Country: United Nations Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

This revision seeks to ensure the continuation of the Global Programme support to the national REDD+ readiness efforts and to respond to the global developments on REDD+.

Outcome 1: Improved guidance on measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) and monitoring.  The activities will support development of national MRV systems in the pilot and other countries; integration of MRV and REDD+ monitoring in National REDD+ strategies; capacity building e.g. through the CD-REDD process led by the Coalition of Rainforest Nations, training on GHG inventories and south-south exchange.  Country access to remote sensing data and tools will be increased.  The programme will develop monitoring tools on ecosystems benefits, governance and other safeguards.  Building partnerships, working with stakeholders and sharing country experience will help identify best practices on the implementation.


Outcome 2: Increased engagement of Indigenous Peoples, civil society and other stakeholders.  UN-REDD will continue to develop an engagement process at all levels; and convene, coordinate initiatives and communicate progress.  Efforts are also continued to further harmonize and apply the Operational Guidance on Engagement of Indigenous Peoples and other Forest Dependent Communities.


Outcome 3:  improved analytical and technical framework for realization of multiple benefits.  Main focus is to identify relevant multiple benefits in specific national settings; build capacity to “unlock’ the economic value of multiple benefits; develop guidance for safeguarding long term supply of multiple benefits from forests; and to contribute to the Rio Conventions, for example by convening events at CBD (COP 10), UNFCCC (COP 16) and the International Year of Forests (IYF) to raise awareness about the synergies between REDD+ and other processes.


Outcome 4: Increased knowledge management, coordination and communication.  The additional activities and tools will be designed to effectively deliver the UN-REDD Global Programme and to coordinate and communicate on the UN-REDD work and accomplishments.  UN-REDD will also support South-South cooperation amongst UN-REDD and REDD+ leader countries and help coordinate REDD+ capacity building efforts and investments.


Outcome 5 (new):  Increased transparency and effectiveness in national REDD+ governance.  At its last  meeting the Policy Board asked to submit an urgent request for work on governance.  The programme will develop understanding and sharing of experience on governance monitoring; decentralization; and convening dialogue and partnerships with UN+ governance actors (WRI, Global Witness, CARE, CIFOR).  The programme will also support services in UNDP Oslo Governance Center.  A key area is to develop and apply land tenure tools and advise for REDD+ implementation.  UN-REDD will also analyse institutional arrangements for management of multiple benefits and trade off implications.

Outcome 6 (new): Development of equitable benefit sharing systems.  UN-REDD will support integrating the development of equitable benefit sharing systems in National Programmes, and foster transparency, fiduciary quality and applicability of conditional cash transfers.  Efforts will be put on women’s empowerment and gender equality, and to develop safeguards and standards for social impacts of REDD+.

Outcome 7 (new):  Support to low carbon sector transformation.  The UN-REDD Programme will analyse environmental, social and economic drivers of high-carbon forest uses and compile best practices on alternative institutional and economic options, and the contribution of sector transformation to green economy aspirations.  Multi-stakeholder regional dialogues will support learning and raising awareness.

For more information on the programmatic and technical aspects of the programme, please see the UN-REDD Programme website.

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